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^Technically in Canada, fathers get 5 weeks of paternity leave, mothers get 50 weeks of parental leave. Before [general] you cry foul, even though I say mothers, both parents can split the parental leave (it still has to add up to 50 weeks) at either 55% or 70% of the salary depending if you live in my province or the rest of Canada. They can take it concurrently or consecutively. I do know a guy who stayed home because his wife was a teacher and had to grab a job that came along otherwise she's lose her seniority and in his case it was advantageous he was because he's military and we cover the difference to bring the payments to 93% of our salaries.
a system like this ought to be implemented in the us as well. there ought to be some changes that would faciliate a mother going back to work. some mothers have birth complications that calls for extra off time. one rn told me her employees has a daycare .