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  1. Shadeism
  2. On Being Black >:[
  3. Read this!
  4. Yes, it's for black women only...
  5. Oh! Is that a Claddagh ring on your hand? But why?
  6. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
  7. Yes, it's for black women only... part 2
  8. Black Harvard/Yale graduates = gangbangers
  9. Happy Thanksgiving! And Don't forget...
  10. America -- the grim truth
  11. "Man up!" advice
  12. You've arrived at nappy utopia when...
  13. African American History For Dummies..
  14. Random AfriKan Consciouness Random Thoughts 3
  15. What some folks do for money
  16. Natural Hair on the Continent
  17. Black Male Privilege
  18. Another day in the life...
  19. Don't buy Wen!!!
  20. Black Hair/Style Politics article, over a decade later
  21. Why Is He Here?!
  22. "Puerto Rico" and the rules of token friendship
  23. Melting pot or mosaic?
  24. People of color who value lighterskin and eyes
  25. Nappturality is a trip sometimes
  26. Church Folk Dissing Naturals?
  27. Are black people too defensive/sensitive, or not enough.....?
  28. 150 years ago, SC bailed from the USA
  29. Refugee
  30. "I stay HIV negative because I dont mess with Haitian women"???
  31. Uncle Tom at work
  32. Being black means having African heritage?
  33. Men Killing in the name of Honor..
  34. Blogging pitfalls
  35. My Haitian Mother...
  36. What the H.E double hockey sticks does post-racial mean?
  37. Sorority/Fraternity Hazing.
  38. White friend gifting your black daughter with a white doll
  39. Sarah Jane.. then and now.
  40. New version of Huck Finn eliminates the n-word
  41. Quality Education
  42. The beauty of the black women overlooked?
  43. Vulgarity in the Club - Booty Dropping and Daggering
  44. Family History
  45. MLK Contributions
  46. What are your thoughts on this?
  47. Do Blacks Need a Special Pass?
  48. Yoruba Art
  49. Another Episode of Skin Bleaching
  50. The ancient Egyptians were not black?
  51. What? Are boys and girls of a different species regarding hair?
  52. Mother Jailed for Sending Kids to White School District
  53. What makes some ashamed and some so proud of blackness :-/
  54. Side eyeing freedom of speech
  55. Joan Rivers calls Michelle "Blackie O"
  56. ZEITGEIST: Moving Forward
  57. Statistics and Black people.
  58. My hair at work
  59. Happy Black History Month!
  60. Slavery Never Truly Ended
  61. I'm not black. I'm dominican.
  62. Pepsi ad reinforces "Angry Black Woman" Stereotype?
  63. NPers, please share YOUR accomplishments, or those of people you know in your life
  64. I give up on Facebook...
  65. Guess what this Black MAN did??
  66. Halle Berry identifies her daughter as Black
  67. The World's Women (Big Pic)
  68. From a Poem to a Song
  69. White women intimidated by Black women?
  70. Asian hair
  71. By 2014, Blacks Won't Be D.C. Majority
  72. Passing for Black
  73. Beyonce + Blackface = GTFOOHWTBS
  74. Planned Parenthood Under Attack
  75. Virtual Black History Museum by my Mom and the Canadian Government
  76. Answer to the Superbowl Diet Pepsi commercial
  77. Motherland: A Genetic Journey
  78. Womanism Vs. Feminism - celebrating women empowerment
  79. Funny thoughts on race relations
  80. NJ History!
  81. What's the point of even having a sexual orientation if you don't fit the definition?
  82. Tangled theme??
  83. Withoutsanctuary.org, how many of you ever visited this site?
  84. What are some quotes that stood out to you??
  85. The legacy of nappy-headed hos
  86. Black Social Group on Campus?
  87. How can we get people who provide/recommend hair services/products to care ?
  88. Learning to embrace your complexion
  89. Are you racists?
  90. Why are women held responsible for men's sexual morality?
  91. No Mirrors in My Nana's House
  92. Re-Airing "Tyra: What Is Good Hair"
  93. Does anyone ever question your race?
  94. Is black cuture a real culture?
  95. How did the 80s lose out!
  96. Diary of a Black Male Feminist
  97. Why does the census look at race, not ethnicity?
  98. Is America Real?
  99. TV Shows with non-stereotypical black people with african hair
  100. Tonia Hawkins: I was born in England and now live in America. (Huffpo)
  101. Our hair article
  102. Do you experience this ?: A dismissive attitude from black sales people ?
  103. Human Pride?
  104. Supermarket >:-o
  105. "I wanna get you pregnant"
  106. Street Harrassment: How do we prepare young women to protect themselves ?
  107. Greeting cards and Lack of rep
  108. Invisible Black Girls
  109. Multiple "Baby Daddies" Stigma
  110. Confused
  111. A black Guinevere
  112. History: De La Soul “3FT High & Rising” Added To National Recording Registry
  113. Does African-American Literature Still Exist?
  114. BLACK IN LATIN AMERICA | Interview w/ Henry Louis, Gates, Jr. | PBS
  115. Does African-American Literature Still Exist? Part II
  116. Substance or paper
  117. Teen Fakes Pregnancy to Prove a point.
  118. Racism in 2011 NYC?
  119. White Woman Speaks About Christianity/Art of Deception
  120. Black folks, poverty and mindset...
  121. COLOUR Me: Documentary
  122. Just A Thought
  123. Birthers: the attack on black citizenship
  124. How did *you* learn about racism?
  125. The Afro is not Afrikan?
  126. Crabs in a barrel/Jealous Negro syndrome
  127. The "American" Way
  128. Hair: The Misconception ~ a Documentary
  129. Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women
  130. Freedom riders
  131. Nothing to do with your color...
  132. Interracial Friendship Dynamics
  133. More Random Culture Thoughts
  134. Dark Girls Documentary by Bill Duke
  135. Is Bill Duke Cute?
  136. Dark Girls Documentary by Bill Duke: Part 2
  137. Chocolate Deluxe (part 2) 4 da luv of Brothers!
  138. Rowdy white folks
  139. Humbling Myself
  140. "Black Women are Ugly" Researcher Fired from 2 JOBS
  141. The NYC Newsstand: Black Women Bodies for Sale
  142. Have you heard what Minister Farrakhan said about natural hair?
  143. TED Talks
  144. Black men and sexual dysfunction
  145. Random Afrikan Conciousness Thoughts con't? (Part 4?)
  146. Soul Food Junkies-New Documentary
  147. No, I'm not taking you to a black church.
  148. WIC Discrimination or WTF???
  149. This makes me so very angry...
  150. Why I think the British music industry ignore black soul singers for white one...
  151. GOLD DIGGERS- come watch! :)
  152. Discrepancy between nappturality and real life
  153. So how will you celebrate Wigger Day?
  154. Article: Natural or Relaxed, For Black Women, Hair is Not a Settled Matter
  155. Mad Men..Again
  156. More Random Culture Thoughts Part Dos
  157. Black love isn't dead - Black Women and Relationships
  158. tea party, civil war history
  159. Surgeon general: Hair shouldn't keep you out of gym
  160. Open Minded Myth
  161. To become Un-gay - is it possible?
  162. "Every Now and Then" the Noisettes
  163. the environmental thread
  164. Feminist Thread
  165. Memories and Reflections on 9/11
  166. Feminist Thread Pt. 2
  167. "Why Do Black People Tweet So Much?"
  168. Black Mammy-ism- Tiptoeing Around White people
  169. How has your color affected your life?
  170. How Black People See White Culture
  171. Black Woman Geniuses...
  172. The relationship between black women and women of color
  173. Random Thoughts On Culture and Politics (ctd)
  174. What chance do any of us have in this world?
  175. Being the ONLY one gets tiresome sometimes
  176. What do you think of locs for kids?
  177. And once again, natural doesn't equal concious
  178. Thank you pop culture!
  179. Blame or Ownership?
  180. Do the old lockers resent the new lockers?
  181. Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights
  182. Interracial relationship thoughts
  183. Any Face Readers On NP?
  184. No Boots to Bootstrap???
  185. Can it Be Possible: a Middle Class in America No More?
  186. More Random Thoughts On Culture And Politics
  187. Condoleezza Rice: US Will Never Be Race-Blind
  188. Kentucky Church bans interracial couples
  189. Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?
  190. African American Girl Youngest to Fly Solo across USA
  191. How Ridiculous!!!!
  192. Kwanzaa 2011
  193. Downtrodden? Don't make me laugh
  194. Feminine
  195. Black Folk Don't Do
  196. Celebrating the Black Beauty On White Women
  197. Random Thoughts on Culture and Politics (Cont'd)
  198. Raising Black Girls Outside of USA?
  199. Blacking It Up Interviews Tim Wise
  200. What's Your Nude?
  201. How to be Black by Baratunde Thurston
  202. What BYU Students know about black people
  203. Random Cultural & Political Thoughts Continued
  204. Teachers who Changed my Life
  205. 10 Global Black Women of Power to Watch in 2012
  206. Edward James Olmos at the United Nations
  207. Thought this was interesting
  208. Is this just a white woman's thing???
  209. Mary Seacole, The Black Florence Nightingale
  210. Can AA Be Racists?
  211. Conversation Starter: Hidden Colors
  212. More Black Screenwriters Needed!
  213. The world embraces the natural...
  214. Black hair and attraction
  215. Ya dig it? (awesome vid)
  216. "Don't Re-Nig In 2012"
  217. When Prejudice Is Sexy: Inside the Kinky World of Race-Play
  218. Black People Devaluing "Our Own"
  219. Surfing: We do this too.
  220. Spinoff - What leisure activities for you and your kids?
  221. Tim Wise: "Playing the Friendship Card"
  222. Light and bright...ALL OVER (or it doesn't count)
  223. Need advice: traveling to Mississippi
  224. Is this language discrimination?
  225. Random Cultural Thoughts..
  226. This is Sad... Killing for Magic?
  227. Share Random Thoughts On Culture And Politics, We Must.
  228. White male managing editor of Essence removed from position
  229. How African Dictators corrupt European Politics
  230. Marcus Garvey
  231. Happy Juneteenth Everybody!!
  232. Street Harassment and Race
  233. Can (Well off, privileged) women have it all?
  234. Help me please: are Cornrows cultural?
  235. Road Block to Empowerment: 2 Hour Lecture
  236. Artistic or Racist? Semi-nude pic of Michelle Obama on Spanish Magazine cover
  237. More random cultural and political thoughts
  238. EBONY August 2012- HAIR: Black Women's Right to Remain Relaxed
  239. The ancestors rejoice
  240. Natural Hair Movement officially linked to Obesity in Black women?
  241. Vote Obama style
  242. Three cheers for Columbus Day?????
  243. I'm Not African American...I'm Black
  244. Secession, huh? How would that work exactly?
  245. ‘The Black Line: A Profile of the African-American Woman’
  246. Buying Black...for a full year
  247. Slut shaming
  248. Interesting series on Blacks in Europe
  249. More random cultural and political thoughts
  250. Why do people care about MY hair?