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  1. My Heath Situation
  2. Ghetto Ish Part Four - it neva ends!
  3. Are black women really the worst Tippers???
  4. What's your current ringtone?
  5. Earthquake in va!
  6. Feeling the LOVE!
  7. OK which one of y'all is this???
  8. UnCooperative Co-Worker
  9. Do not engage the spam bots. Report and ignore.
  10. Freaking out.
  11. I's on Youtube!
  12. I just can't deal...
  13. "God won't put any more on you than you can bear"
  14. Ask An NP Member...
  15. Is the Nappturality.com mascot based on a real person?
  16. Interesting poem. Are YOU able to pronounce every word correctly?
  17. Can you use sulfate free shampoo as a body wash instead?
  18. It wasn't that bad
  19. I like my coworker
  20. When a person who creates drama acts like the victim..
  21. Why do certain folks give such a damn?
  22. One Liners...
  23. Youtube Drolerie
  24. Museum Day - 9/24/2011 - free admission to a participating museum
  25. Haters on the Net: Do people really have this much time to spew hatred?
  26. What Do You Want?
  27. Whats your weakness???
  28. To go or not to go...
  29. What stupid things have you overheard today?
  30. Bad hair need not apply
  31. Natural Hair YouTubers
  32. Simple Living
  33. Don't mind me, just spreading my addiction...
  34. Help me pick my new cell phone/plan....
  35. Nanowrimo 2011!
  36. What do you get from this picture?
  37. How are you in a room full of people?
  38. Peace and blessings...Leaving NP
  39. models with natural hair
  40. Need a Love Story?
  41. The Issues behind Occupy.
  42. Human population will reach 7 billion in Oct 2011
  43. There were gnats in my hair!
  44. Awkward moment on Family Feud
  45. Trust me THIS is a Depression
  46. Sesame Street says you can change the world
  47. Iowa Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands
  48. Meltdown - The Men Who Crashed The World
  49. Why do prisoners get free healthcare?
  50. I don't get the appeal of ___. Can someone explain?
  51. Are there some distinct types of people...
  52. Pet Halloween Contest. Help,
  53. Gap-Toothed Smiles
  54. I STILL don't get the appeal of...
  55. Y'all he died today. my big brother is gone
  56. In case anyone is curious, school is settled.
  57. Post Your Halloween Costume
  58. Dominicans disliked. Why?
  59. NaBloPoMo 2011
  60. Do you ever not want to discuss your hair?
  61. Suggestions for Party Favors/Parting Gift?
  62. You can clear the streets with it!
  63. YouTube Drollrie: Not Just Cat Videos
  64. What emotion do you think is the most destructive?
  65. Thanksgiving Dilemma
  66. Need Advice for Young Mom
  67. This cover letter will get you hired in a recession!
  68. Beautiful Man with nappy hair
  69. Gotta Vent about this situation cause it's soooo crazy
  70. Do you believe wealth is a proper measure of success? Why do we do it?
  71. Mouth of Babes
  72. Twice in a week :-S
  73. Cyber Monday Sales...share what you know
  74. Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  75. The World's Billionaires- Forbes list
  76. Free 5 hour energy
  77. Yellow pages, burnt ears? Time for a redefining of childrens' natural hair care
  78. Sexism, racism and the norms of beauty
  79. NYE in new town/city: any suggestions?
  80. Drama at the Flea Market, LOL!?!
  81. I need a new mattress /Bed
  82. Remove Your Hood Policy...
  83. Rihanna called nigaa B
  84. Merry Christmas Ladies!
  85. Talents that you don't use!
  86. Issue with Doctor and Insurance!
  87. I'm not a gold digger...but
  88. Judgment
  89. Anyone else wake up with YUCK in their mouth?
  90. My Cousin Stole My Identity!! RANT!!
  91. Community Challenge-Q1
  92. Worst type of dudes that try to holla
  93. BIg Foot tracks on my porch roof
  94. Video: Sh** Naturals Say
  95. Straight men and friendship
  96. Drank Coffee, in PAIN!
  97. Predictions that came true from 100 year ago
  98. Of course you can find love online, but....
  99. Who is your girl crush?
  100. How many of you can relate? Lol
  101. How do YOU feel about Martin Luther King's name being abbreviated everywhere?
  102. Is there any real downside to growing up as the only black male around?
  103. A white woman is the only love interest in new movie "red tails (tuskegee airmen)"
  104. Woman Weaves MLK into Her Head!
  105. White wife in new redtails/tuskegee airmen movie
  106. Not allowed to be angry?
  107. Love Addiction ~ Can't be without a man
  108. Chicken in a can?
  109. Stuff Black Parents Say
  110. Ebony Speak: Hair! Still the Ultimate Black Girl Divide?
  111. Divorce and Alimony
  112. S%&^ Republicans Say About Black People (Not a Parody)
  113. What is your philosophy?
  114. Schedules, Organizers, Etc.
  115. Babies for Benefits
  116. Which Natural Hair YOUTUBE VIDEOS Interest you?
  117. HELP! Bahamian accent
  118. Adult thumb suckers...do you know any?
  119. Tips for Attending Essence Music Festival
  120. Thinking of relocating to Chicago
  121. Stuff girls say ON THEIR PERIOD
  122. Career and starting a family - it will never be perfect
  123. Silly: Meet a Black Guy
  124. I think another one of my children gone crazy
  125. JoAnn Robertson all over again...but worse.
  126. "Domestic Violence gone wrong"
  127. Potty trained, when she wants to be
  128. Oh, SEPTA...... *smh*
  129. "Stuff" Conscious Black People Say
  130. Friends with benefits
  131. Just curious, where did you get your Buddha statue/figure from?
  132. Attitude problems
  133. Stupid fortune cookie fortunes
  134. Need a Nigerian, STAT!
  135. First Lady surprises guests at White House
  136. Giving son's baby momma her props!
  137. Are Any Of You Friends With Your Neighbors?
  138. What's with Friends with Benefits?
  139. Only Children?
  140. Polygamy and the Black community
  141. Girls out two-faced blacks
  142. Nasty Neighbors
  143. Black People and Depression
  144. Social Anxiety...do you experience it?
  145. Do the Afro Dance!
  146. Help! B-Day Gift Ideas Needed ASAP!
  147. What's Your Modesty Level?
  148. Puberty- What's going on?
  149. When did we all get so anti-contraception?
  150. Youtube Drolerie: Insert Video Here
  151. Flea Market Finds
  152. Big Araia
  153. Kony2012 Please Watch
  154. Now if this isn't the cutest thing ever...
  155. Breeding with a certain type
  156. Can't have signature on here
  157. Facebook Parenting
  158. Attack of the crazy Facebook friend, well, acquaintance...
  159. My Opinion-Problem in Africa
  160. Venus & Jupiter in the night sky
  161. Ujamaa Deals - one way to support Black-owned businesses
  162. Never married and no children
  163. Some guy's expectations after date
  164. Why I only play lottery once a year
  165. Nurse or Tattoo Parlor?
  166. The Hood Best Place to Shop
  167. 18 Truths to Start Telling YOURSELF...
  168. Had it! w/local youtube stars
  169. Excuse me, you are too close to my man
  170. 10 Signs It's Time To Let GO...!!
  171. I got in!
  172. Male reproductive rights
  173. I'm so beautiful...
  174. Why have you stopped deciding to read Essence?
  175. Help Me N.P!!!!
  176. Ikea made me so MAD!
  177. Do you have a lot of stuff? Minimalism...
  178. Cloud of fear
  179. I snapped an it felt so GOOD!
  180. Getting people to keep you out of their mess
  181. Midwesterners, check in! let us know you are okay
  182. Can powder soap and powder drink mix be carried on a plane currently?
  183. 10 Habits You MUST QUIT to Be Happy
  184. A new look at our president
  185. Really good series abt Nigeria
  186. Emotion overload?
  187. Happy 420!
  188. What are some of YOUR Pet peeves?
  189. "I'm a true blue Native Floridian. I'm not from the South!" Wah?
  190. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  191. Home Invasion: Girl Gets Tore Up On Her Own Doorstep Over Twitter Beef!
  192. Talk abt Chicken and Waffles
  193. Are you a donor?
  194. I will step away...
  195. If You've Got First World Problems I Feel Bad For You Son!
  196. African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes.
  197. How far are you willing to go in self-defense?
  198. Am I being too nice?
  199. Military Naturals: is this true?
  200. What would you do? Loan request
  201. New Attitude with Family
  202. Maybe Americans really don't want to work
  203. I Got 99 First World Problems...Keep It Going!
  204. So what is an eastern star?
  205. Black People and Depression PT. II
  206. Hilarious Chuck Norris Facts Part Two
  207. Flea Market Finds
  208. Different Standards for Different Men
  209. Socially Incorrect thoughts 5: I should be ashamed but I'm not.
  210. Bacon Thread- Third Time's the Charm
  211. ALEC Companies and Voter Suppression
  212. Not sure how to feel about this...
  213. WHAT??? No Mother's Day Thread???
  214. Socially Incorrect Thoughts 6: For the Boldly (not cowardly) individuals.
  215. WWYD: Unique School Housing Opportunity
  216. Have to BRAG!
  217. Black Girls / Miss Zee
  218. Shopping While Black
  219. Youtube Foolishness Continued...
  220. Socially Incorrect Thoughts VII: Haha, keep it going!
  221. Single, educated, too independent and...white?
  222. Kids Say the Cutest Things!
  223. Pajama Pants Battle
  224. So Boring I could cry!!!!
  225. Socially Incorrect Thoughts IX
  226. Funny family sayings
  227. That moment when life just takes a big crap
  228. Would anyone be interested...
  229. Philly is like living with a thousand chicken littles
  230. Slidling standards
  231. What do you think?
  232. My son duckin me...
  233. When you want to B-slap a client!!
  234. Anybody here have their earlobes stretched?
  235. When Cussin' Out Your School Gets Glorified
  236. Seriously, this designer drug/zombie 'ish
  237. Day in the Life, in the City
  238. Precurser to my Future
  239. extreme [or stupid] parenting?
  240. First World Problems: WE HAZ DEM.
  241. Personal Confessions...I haven't use toothpaste in YEARS
  242. "The Five Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor"
  243. Walk a Mile, a Minute in the Footsteps of the Enslaved on the Hampton Plantation
  244. Bad kids in big box stores...
  245. Living in Asia
  246. The Coiffure Project.
  247. Connive to Survive
  248. Story Corps
  249. I know what I'm doing this weekend!
  250. Need a cry but can't get it out!