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  1. School Shooting In Minnesota
  2. Student Cuts Off Penis And Tongue
  3. Woman Breastfeeds Tiger Cubs
  4. Doctors Remove A Man's Wedding Ring From Penis
  5. Man Finds Two-headed Snake In Garden
  6. 26 Yr Old Mother So Poor That She
  7. Hearse Has Bar And Dvd Player
  8. Taxidermist Turns Pets Into Pillows
  9. Serbian Chefs Go For Testicles
  10. Man Cut Off His Penis And Fed It To Dog
  11. Trinity College Minority Threat Mystery Solved
  12. Man Found Cop In His Bath
  13. 'holy Man' Broke Coconuts On Naked Woman's Head
  14. Cop Accidentally Shoots Man While On The Toilet
  15. Man Struck By Lightning 5 Times In Twentry-two Yrs
  16. Man Sues Wife For Being Bald
  17. British Boy Finds A 2-foot Long Snake In...
  18. Warning For Those Who Use Export Products
  19. Man 'bites Off Wife's Ear'
  20. Jealous Wife Filmed In-laws Naked
  21. Elderly Motorist Forgot Wife At Service Station
  22. 74-yr-old Man Has Been Sentenced To 70 Yrs In Jail
  23. Cafe Painted Over Dead Rat
  24. Diy Pet Cremation Backfires
  25. Lorry Driver Ran Over Hiding Girlfriend
  26. Even Animals Get Tickets...
  27. Jesus Christ Cannot Get His...
  28. Stressed Mom Chooses Jail For A Break
  29. Mugger Picks On Wrong Pensioner
  30. Man Wins Lottery Two Days After Divorce
  31. Girl, 4, Ran Away To Meet Six-year-old Fiance
  32. Former Student Suing School
  33. Fireman Grabbed Snake
  34. Politician Tipped Bubbly Over Beggar
  35. Benefactor Offers Himself To Flood Victim
  36. Hand-held Phone Ban For Drivers
  37. High School Student Suspended For..
  38. Maggots On The Menu
  39. Horses Being Injected With Viagara?
  40. Brotha Plays The Professor On Gilligan's Island
  41. Sleepy Burglar Arrested
  42. Firemen Wrecked Driver's First Car
  43. Wallet Returned Ten Years After It Fell Down Back
  44. Jail For Gossiping
  45. White Farmer Guilty 4 Feeding Black Man To Lions
  46. Man Pulls Car With Ears While Standing On Eggs
  47. Librarians Baffled By Urine
  48. Confused Storks Try To Hatch Golf Balls
  49. One-year-old Arrested
  50. Church Sex Abuse Case....
  51. Lionel Tate Charged With Armed Robbery Of Pizza De
  52. Doctors Reattach Severed Penis
  53. Monkey Works For The Government
  54. Photographer Criticised
  55. Whores College
  56. Doctor Punched By 'corpse'
  57. Dial-a-toilet Launched In China
  58. Dieting Boy Ate Dog's Dinner
  59. Dentist Got Patient Drunk
  60. Doctor Sentenced To Death
  61. Spartanburg Teen Accused Of Having Sex With Dog
  62. Second Hantavirus Case Confirmed
  63. Rapist Became Foster Parent In New York
  64. Woman, 86, Arrested In Pizza Row
  65. Trump Announces Creation Of Trump U.
  66. Oh What The Hell....
  67. Patron Stabs Pit Bull After Dog Fight Ensues At Lo
  68. Florida Murder Suspect Climbs 18-story Crane
  69. White Folks In South Africa, Mad As Hell
  70. Burglars Caught Having Sex
  71. Teachers Accused Of Drinking Resign
  72. Retail Stores Accused Of Fraud
  73. Rock Thrown Through Window Kills Woman
  74. Basketball Game Ends In Gunfire
  75. Baby Dies After Falling From Suv;
  76. Woman Set On Fire Undergoes Surgery
  77. Man Cuts Off Penis To Prove Fidelity To
  78. Woman Smashes Up 18 Cars In Jealous Rage
  79. Man Stitches Lips Together After...
  80. Mom Hires Skripper For Son's B-day Party!
  81. Salon Accused Of 'black Hair' Surcharge
  82. Christian Slater Arrested For Alleged...
  83. Another Man On Crane
  84. Floating Zoo Found In Flooded Flat
  85. Bit Of A Fix For Bride And Best Man...
  86. 4-year-old Killed During.....
  87. Four-legged Chicken (w/ Picture)
  88. Mother Arrested After Fire At Home
  89. Elephants Hit Hard In Ivorian War
  90. China's Dangerous Sexual Ignorance
  91. Paris Hilton Reportedly Engaged To Shipping Heir
  92. 9yo Charged In Stabbing Death
  93. Couple Celebrate 80th Wedding Anniversary
  94. Suit Filed Against Late Nun
  95. Toddler Survives Fourth-floor Fall
  96. Congress Wants Study On
  97. Pope Doll Goes On Sale
  98. Rescued After Message In A Bottle
  99. Weave On A Clothes Line...
  100. Trucker Bombs
  101. Boys And Principle Of School Charged In Rape Case
  102. 7-year-old Accused In Baby's Beating Death
  103. Women In The Military
  104. Dave Chappelle Surprises L.a.
  105. Door-to-door Sales Scams
  106. Victim's Family Speaks Out About 'chubby Bunny'
  107. Teacher Arrested In Murder-for-hire Plot
  108. Howard University Student Shot, Killed In D.c.
  109. Toddler Rescued After Being Locked Inside Daycare
  110. Wachovia Corp.
  111. Dp
  112. Canadiana And Awren
  113. Black Student Choked To Death
  114. 2 Men Detained In Aruba....
  115. Men Charged Over Plot To Sell New...
  116. Another Unarmed Brother Dead
  117. Bobby Brown In Trouble Again
  118. Hit And Run Driver Kills Two Year-old
  119. Beyonce Is Banned....
  120. Frogs Rain Down On Serbia
  121. University Slaps Sex Tax On Students
  122. Power Lines Linked To Child Cancer
  123. Mimi Sets The Record Straight
  124. Teen Wins Scholarship From Death Row Prisoners
  125. Students Turning Away From Science
  126. Fish Poop Could Spread Drilling Wealth
  127. Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts
  128. Man Accused Of Posing As Firefighter
  129. Stevie Wonder A Dad For The 7th Time
  130. 3-year-old Boy Found Dead...
  131. Anne Bancroft
  132. Civil Servants Call In Exorcist
  133. Ghost Therapy Couple Arrested
  134. Professor Fined For Calling Student 'fatty'
  135. Bad Girls Go Wild
  136. J. Lo Engaged — After Being Married
  137. Let’s Grab A Cab To The United States
  138. Girl, 6, Killed By Car Trying To Save Turtle
  139. Identity Switch With Brother Backfires
  140. Sending Loved Ones Into Orbit
  141. Vaginal Teeth
  142. Lombard Woman Sues Doctor, Nurses
  143. Man Held On $3 Million Bond
  144. Man Sentence To Life In Jail
  145. Berlusconi's Fat Becomes Soap
  146. Sheep Urine Cuts Pollution
  147. Tropical Storm Arlene Moves Toward U.s.
  148. Philly Schools To Require African History Class
  149. Homie Spumoni
  150. Angela Whitiker's Climb
  151. Love Shack Plan For World Cup
  152. Baby Shot In Mother's Arms
  153. Woman Charged After Dead Dogs Found
  154. 'mississippi Burning' Trial Set To Start
  155. Aurora Couple Indicted On Enslavement Charges
  156. 5 Children Die In Philadelphia House Fire
  157. Senate To Apologize For Not Outlawing Lynching
  158. Lost Boys
  159. Michael Jackson Compares Himself To Mandela
  160. Mugged Three Times In An Hour
  161. Starvation Case Trial Begins
  162. 1 Million Living With Hiv In U.s.
  163. Newlywed Murder Suspect Turned Over
  164. Teens Find Body Behind Wal-mart Store
  165. Howard Grad Experiences Turmoil In Togo
  166. Number Of Syphilis Cases Jumps In Kc
  167. Cinema-goer Attacked By Snake
  168. £70k Found In Old Laundry Basket
  169. Mcdonald's The Next Starbucks?
  170. Great-grandmother, 57, Gives Birth To Twins
  171. Terri Schiavo Autopsy Revealed
  172. Phil Jackson And Kobe Bryant...
  173. Meet The World's Fastest Man...
  174. Porn Star Attends President's G O P
  175. Still Got Your Curling Iron?
  176. Rap Producer Killed
  177. Woman Allegedly Hides Cousin's Body
  178. Bomb-laden Harrier Jet Crashes Into Neighborhood
  179. Insulin Patch Delivery May Be Option For Diabetes
  180. Ex-klansmen To Testify At 'mississippi Burning'
  181. Ice Cream Truck Driver Accused Of Drunken Driving
  182. Two Police Officers Fired For Beating Suspect
  183. Indian Forced To 'marry' Her Father-in-law Rapist
  184. Spotlight Skips Cases Of Missing Minorities
  185. If You Own A Ford Vehicle Please Read
  186. Tom Cruise Is Engaged!
  187. Oprah Is The Most Powerful Celebrity...
  188. P E T A Charged With Animal Cruelty...
  189. Anyone See This Article On Weaves?
  190. Left Eyes's Mom Sues Suv Maker
  191. Man Who Committed Incest Guilty....
  192. Ronald Winans Passes Away.
  193. Thank God This Monster Is Behind Bars..
  194. Mastercard And Visa Holders Beware....
  195. Ouch! That Musta Hurt!
  196. Don't Punk....
  197. $18,000 Bar Of Soap
  198. Tom Cruise Says....
  199. Saddam's Guards Speak!
  200. Mother Who Belonged To Tupac Cult Kills Daughter
  201. Aids Patient Vs. Mcdonald's...
  202. Hiv In Newborns
  203. Lions Saved Kidnapped 12 Year Old
  204. Wimbledon Referee Makes A Noise Over Grunting
  205. Lions Rescue Kidnaped Girl
  206. Ex-klansman Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In ’64
  207. Klansman Found Guilty
  208. French Diss: Oprah Gets The Boot In Paris
  209. Boy 'starts Having Periods'
  210. Professor Tiy-e Is Not A Doctor
  211. Married Men Earn More If Wives Do The Chores
  212. Surgery Removes Baby's Third Leg
  213. Man Gets Probation For Killing Girlfriend
  214. Get Your Hand Outta My Home....
  215. Strange Pictures To Share
  216. Michael Dyson Speaks Out
  217. Texas Three Step
  218. Driver Assaulted After Crash Into Tree
  219. Republican Hypocrisy
  220. 3 Nj Boys Found Dead In Trunk Of Car
  221. Security Increased At "the Taste"after Shooting
  222. Knife Sends Plane Back To O'hare
  223. Half-ton Man Loses 573 Pounds In One Year
  224. Six People Killed At Home In Arizona
  225. Mom Arrested After 2-year-old Found Home Alone
  226. Tree Hotel Opens In Germany
  227. Vibrators Spark Bomb Scare
  228. Elementary School Teacher Accused Of Selling
  229. Saved By The Bell 'lark Voorhies'
  230. Mo'nique Pregnant With Twins!
  231. Stella Loses Her Groove
  232. Monkey See, Monkey Doo-doo
  233. Stepfather Rapes And Kills 14 Year Old
  234. The Serial Killer That Confessed In Court...
  235. Hot Ghetto Mess
  236. Court Rules On Ten Commandments
  237. Wal-mart Heir Dies In Plane Crash
  238. Deputy Opens Fire On 12-year-old Driver
  239. School To Crack Down On Cell Phone Cheating
  240. Woman Accused Of Embezzling From Church
  241. Man Shot Exotic Dancer
  242. Sears Sworn In As Georgia Chief Justice
  243. Schools To Require Dental Checkups
  244. Abdul Lobbies For Salon Hygiene
  245. Eve Caught On Tape
  246. Mexico Does It Again...
  247. Ruben Studdard Files A Complaint
  248. A Sorry Apology
  249. Chicago City Sales Tax To Hit 9 Percent
  250. Black Men Assaulted In Nyc