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  1. Where Should I Begin?
  2. Websites?
  3. Last Name List
  4. Free Resources
  5. Indian Descent
  6. Ancestry.com Is Free Until June 6th
  7. Curley - Mason - Batte: Stony Creek, Virginia
  8. What Successes Have You Had?
  9. Trying To Find My Father Who Is Still Alive
  10. Haitian, French Canadian
  11. Last Name List Part Ii
  12. Update On Trying To Find My Father
  13. Lumbee Indians
  14. I Found My Fathers Family
  15. Machado-joseph ?
  16. The History I Learned Since Finding My Fathers Family
  17. Caribbean Geneology
  18. Geni.com
  19. I Found My Fathers Family Too!
  20. Trying To Find Gaul's From Nova Scotia
  21. Finding Birth Parents
  22. Patterson's And/or Scott's, Plain Dealing La
  23. Delaware, New Jersey And Pennsylvania Native American/african American Surnames
  24. Filling The Gaps In Your Family Tree...
  25. Parents From Different Countries?
  26. So I Did A Dna Search?!?
  27. Names
  28. I've Got Maroon Blood!
  29. Pamlico-arapahoe,nc Anyone?
  30. Indian Tribes
  31. Theroot.com
  32. Fustration; I Don't Want To Quit!
  33. Last Name "heron"
  34. Conversation With My Father.
  35. My Ancestory Tribes In Africa
  36. Africanancestry.com
  37. Need Some Info/advice
  38. Where To Start And Where To Search
  39. Since When Is My Heritage Unimportant?
  40. I Got My African Ancestry Test Results Back!
  41. Dna Ancestry Project
  42. Free Before The Civil War
  43. A New Database To Search
  44. The Washingtons Of Wessyngton Plantation
  45. African And Indian Descent
  46. Genographic Project
  47. Plantations
  48. I'm Not Black, I'm A Hebrew Israelite By Blood!
  49. Great Sources For Genealogy Research
  50. Hi, I'm The Sun...you?
  51. Slavery Has Got Me Stuck?
  52. Admixture Tests?
  53. Looking At Surnames?
  54. Africans Have World's Greatest Genetic Variation
  55. I Received My African Ancestry Test Results Back, And..
  56. The Real Eve
  57. I'm Stuck Help Please
  58. Asta Al Ribasso - Golden Gavel Club
  59. Have You Been Looking For A Wordpress Theme?
  60. Anthropological DNA Testing
  61. Geneaology Software
  62. USAGriot.com Traces African American Ancestry
  63. Family Reunion: Who's been to one?
  64. Family Tree DNA
  65. Frustrated and sad about geneological research
  66. Ancestry DNA tests
  67. African Ancestry/Genealogy
  68. Need ideas to share family history at upcoming Reunion Dinner
  69. WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF???? (Ethnicity)
  70. adopted
  71. Trying to find what ethnicity i am..
  72. Last Name List Part III
  73. Locating Lost Family Members: My Pet Project
  74. Cummings or Swabey (or Swaby) and from Jamaica
  75. "Black Like Me"
  76. Why do you have to know exactly where you came from?
  77. What do you know about head lice?
  78. Which DNA Test?
  79. Free DNA Testing for African-Americans (23andme)
  80. Which DNA company to use?
  81. 23andMe test results? (a continuation)
  82. DNA Testing 101
  83. The Africa Channel
  84. My AncestryByDNA results...
  85. Brooklyn Alabama to Harlem Project
  86. Family treee...so when was the last time you spoke to the oldest in your family
  87. Free 23andme genetic test promotion
  88. DNA Kits