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  1. Movies You've Seen That You Will NEVER Watch Again Pt Deux
  2. Boardwalk Empire
  3. Who would you date? kanye or Nas
  4. Michael Jackson: The Online Game
  5. America's next top model...
  6. Tara from americAs next top model...
  7. Undercovers
  8. 'Community" Season 2 Now With More Violence
  9. John Legend & The Roots on Youtube
  10. Grey's Anatomy - Season 7
  11. Sister Wives - TLC
  12. Catfish: A Look Into Online Dating and Human need for companionship at all costs..
  13. Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss
  14. Shows Revisited...
  15. Good Movies that you recommend watching
  16. Detroit 187 - new show on ABC
  17. The Town and Wall Street..
  18. Four Weddings: New TLC show
  19. Titanic 2
  20. Desperate Housewives Season 7
  21. Real and Chance: THE LEGEND HUNTERS
  22. The Jersey Shore
  23. SisterWives
  24. Fringe
  25. Amazing Race 17
  26. Favorite Commercials Hands Down!!!
  27. The Good Wife
  28. Family Guy...Will it get funnier again?
  29. Random thoughts on Pop culture
  30. Jon Stewart/ Stephen Colbert rally
  31. No Ordinary Family
  32. Law and Order: Los Angeles
  33. The Social Network
  34. 'House'
  35. Stephen J. Cannell dies at 69; TV writer, producer
  36. New TV Shows
  37. Pirates of the Carribean IV!!
  38. Wonder Woman coming to TV
  39. Waiting For Superman
  40. Celebrenappi: Huge Magina. Huge!!
  41. I love my hair!
  42. Vampire Diaries
  43. Scare Tactics
  44. Secretariat
  45. Extreme Home Makeover Nappy Family
  46. TV shows you miss [<_>]
  47. Your 15 minutes.....
  48. Charmed
  49. Private Practice
  50. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  51. School Pride on NBC
  52. Idris Elba
  53. Ty Ty Tyra getting sued!!
  54. Celebrenappi: Chicken coop for chickenheads
  55. Teen Mom Reunion
  56. Liars...Cheaters...Meerkats...& Camels...Oh My...Celeberie!
  57. Tyler Perry on Oprah
  58. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  59. Kanye's new epic video
  60. Best movie chases
  61. Football Wives on VH1
  62. 16 and Pregnant Season 3...
  63. K-Ci & JoJo Come Clean
  64. Celeberie: We are merely the messengers of effery and nonsensical shenanigans
  65. Naturals in Commercials
  66. Supernatural- Cus we got GEDs and give 'em hell attitudes a
  67. Glee!!!!! Part Deux!!!!!
  68. Celeberie: Breakdancin and pop-locking in the spiridT!
  69. We measure length and girth...Celeberie!
  70. I got prince tix!!!
  71. SPEAK ON IT!!! This epidemic is taking out women everywhere!
  72. What Black Men Think
  73. Things you learned from horror movies
  74. The Walking Dead on AMC
  75. THIS is SPARTA!!! :Celeberie
  76. Favorite Cosby Show Episodes
  77. The Celebrerie: Girth or Length?
  78. New Cirque du Soleil show dedicated to MJ
  79. Celeberie: Cuz we eat pork chop sammiches and drink RedT koolaid in chea!
  80. Keith Olbermann Fired
  81. For Colored Girls
  82. Megamind
  83. Black Girls Rock!!!
  84. Black Girls Rock(:
  85. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  86. Celeberie: Cuz we use Crayola 64 count crayons with the sharpener in the back...
  87. Girlfriends DVDS - Do you own them?
  88. For Colored Girls - Pt. 2
  89. 1-11-11
  90. Market Street, San Francisco 1906
  91. Talkin' bout Eddie Winslow's "beads"...The Celeberie!
  92. Jennifer Beals finally accepts being Biracial! (PICS!!!!!)
  93. The Fashion Show w/Iman
  94. Kendra
  95. Smangin' In The Celeberie
  96. BET pays the white actress on 'The Game' more than anyone else
  97. School Pride
  98. Oprah and Kitty Kelley
  99. Celeberie - We're thick and we're workin' it!
  100. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2
  101. They voted brandy off!!!
  102. Celeberie: Where the Chiquita bananas and fashion disasters are great
  103. Running Russell Simmons
  104. 127 HOURS... Could you do it?
  105. Does anyone remember those commercials and ad?
  106. 2010 American Music Awards
  107. Human Target
  108. 'Jilted?'
  109. Fantasia Forreal
  110. Celeberie/Celebrenappi: Like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going
  111. The Walking Dead on AMC part 2
  112. Celeberie: Cuz we wear Boots with a gangsta lean...
  113. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  114. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3!!!
  115. You Tube Talent that knocked us out the box!
  116. Tangled..
  117. Celebrerie: Stuck between the turkey and stuffing
  118. Not-for-the-faint-of-heart movie listing!
  119. Hollywood's biggest turkeys of 2010
  120. Extreme Makeover
  121. Soul Train Music Awards!!!
  122. Celeberie:Coming Out of the Turkey Hangover
  123. Hoarders
  124. Celeberie...Touching Christopher Wallace's Prayer Cloth
  125. ANTM - Lets talk about the Winner
  126. Top Chef All Stars
  127. "Lady of Soul" recovering from surgery
  128. Private practice
  129. Supernatural!!!
  130. Halle Berry Natrual in "Frankie and Alice"
  131. Grey's Anatomy - Season 7 (part 2)
  132. Dr. Who Christmas Carol
  133. My girl Tempestt Bledsoe NEW host of Clean House UPDATE: Will be napptural!
  134. The Celeberie: Full of Androgynous Expectations & Bedfellows
  135. You look like...
  136. Elizabeth Edwards passes
  137. Oprah's hair through the years
  138. Jessica Simpson Inc. boasts $750M in sales!
  139. The Celeberie: Wonkier than Starruh Jones' Wigs
  140. The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Dwight or Dwrong
  141. GoodT Shows Not Being Discussed on the Boards
  142. Night Catches Us
  143. The Celeberie: If You're Looking A Hot Mess You Will Get Talked About
  144. From the jersey Shore to PORN!
  145. Tea Time in the Celeberie!
  146. Basketball Wives 2
  147. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Pouty mouth and Botox
  148. The Celeberie Can't Be Tamed!
  149. Usher concert--Norfolk VA (venting)
  150. The Celebrerie - Grossing People Out Since 2007
  151. The Celeberie...it ain't tea time... B. Y. O. B.!!!
  152. The Celebrerie: You ain't gon worry us sippin' on Lucifer's juice!!!
  153. what do you all think about the movie "GOOD HAIR"?
  154. Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe or NoNo
  155. Tron
  156. Narnia...Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  157. Thor
  158. Green Hornet
  159. UK Nappies: Arinze Kene in EastEnders!!
  160. Time to Decorate the Celeberie Christmas Tree: include your ornament
  161. How many superheros can you name
  162. My Blackberry Is Not Working!
  163. Spider Man "Turn off the Dark" Man Injured in Fall
  164. My Strange Addiction on TLC
  165. Celebrerie reading of Fiddy's tweets by your grandma
  166. The Celebrerie: deeper than the bond$ between Diddy and Kim...
  167. CLean House -New host?
  168. RIP Teena Marie
  169. Teena Marie Has Died?
  170. Can you separate celebs/politicians, etc...from their foolishness?
  171. Celeberie: A Mind is a terrible thing to...Whip Back and Forth?!?!
  172. What Chilli wants II
  173. Celebrerie: Ringin' in the New Year by Sippin' Tea and Throwin' ShadTe...
  174. Orly Lauryn??!
  175. Celebrerie: Talking Schmack & Sipping Kool Aid
  176. Oprah fans peeved at needing cable to get new channel
  177. Kim Coles Goes Natural! It's about time!
  178. Basketball Wives 2: Suzie take a seat
  179. Celeberie: Cause this time Matthew Knowles is NOT the father
  180. vivica fox
  181. Michael Jackson-will he be back this year?
  182. V returns
  183. Biggest Loser Season 11
  184. I know they are legends but I just don't like them!!
  185. People's Choice Awards
  186. Homeless Man with golden voice in Columbus
  187. I Used to Be Fat--New MTV Show
  188. Celeberie: Cause we the Masters of the GIF game!
  189. Celebrie: Playin' wit baby Seals and Snugglin' in Raven's jammers...
  190. Celebrie: Cuz LB's sideeye game is proper and chunky girls are smang worthy
  191. The Celeberie- Where Dey Do Dat At?!
  192. Fashion Police TV Show
  193. The Cape on NBC
  194. Regina King on WWHL
  195. Real Housewives of Atlanta: On my way to a sip and see
  196. The Celeberie: Good Gravy that's one Fugly Baby
  197. Bad Girls club anyone?
  198. Celeberie: Let's see if its going to be a closed door day again
  199. Celeberie:C'mon in get more twig then berries & faces 4 radio behind lanks... pls!
  200. The Game Season 4... Part II!
  201. Celebrerie: "Riding" our way to a reality show
  202. Two decent horror movies
  203. Teen Mom 2: Leah, Kailyn, Chelsea, Jenelle
  204. Bridalplasty
  205. The Celeberie: Dey Ain't Gon Worry Us!!!
  206. Beyond Scared Straight on A&E
  207. the jersey shore: tee shirt time!
  208. The Celeberie...oh how we miss Lil Kim's real face!
  209. The Golden Globes thread
  210. Real Housewives of Atlanta: Who gon' check me boo?
  211. The Celeberie: Giving Girth to a Nation
  212. Nile Rodgers battling cancer
  213. The Monkees Founder and Music Industry Legend Don Kirshner Dies
  214. The Game - That's how you people are
  215. Celeberie: Doing the Hollywood Shuffle with our Chickenpox legs
  216. American Idol Season X
  217. Celeberie: When the postman brings ugly mail with nice packages
  218. Celeberie: It's the real thang...not a remake!
  219. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
  220. Tempestt Bledsoe--Still Natural???
  221. Roadtrip Nation
  222. Jack LaLanne
  223. Celebrerie: No shame in how we make our money
  224. Oprah's Half Sister
  225. What television shows do you miss watching?
  226. Real Housewives of Atlanta: Go on wig!!!!
  227. Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey
  228. Anybody aware of the Ex's Steve Harvey videos?
  229. Celeberie: Get yo' Flav 2 piece right cheyah!
  230. Celeberie: Where carmex is yo friend, and kissing cheese graters ain't allowed
  231. Southland!!!
  232. Terry McMillan tweets about Jaden & Willow...SMDH
  233. Celeberie: Wipe yo' feet and put some cocoa butter on that ash before entering
  234. Basketball Wives2: The show where nobody is really a wife
  235. What Chilli (does not) Want II
  236. Tiffany Pollard is embracing her nappines!
  237. SAG Awards
  238. Real Housewives of ATL: If you cant afford the ring, don't do the thing
  239. Celebrerie: Betta go grab some ensure, a ham sammich, and some sturdiness...
  240. 'Way Black When'
  241. Celebrerie: If ya spiriT is VexedT we got Martin Loofah the KAING fans in hurr...
  242. The Celeberie. Anywaydoe..
  243. Any Anime/Manga Lovers?
  244. Karyn Parsons goes natural
  245. The Celeberie: Stop! It's Grammar Time!
  246. The Young and the Restless: Drinks at Jimmy's and Dinner at the Athletic Club
  247. The Real Housewives of ATL
  248. Last Tango in Paris Actress Dies
  249. Celeberie: Gettin into all kinds of girl on girl e-lovin' in time for Valentime's day
  250. SHAKEDOWN - Documentary About Lesbian Stripclubs in L.A.