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  30. 40 Month Old Babies
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  35. So Um....yeah....
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  87. Loc Buddy
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  89. Natural Hair Salons In The Hartford Area, Connecticut
  90. I Started 6-16-09 W/ Comb Coils On Over 5 Inches Of Hair
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  92. Will You Be My Buddy?
  93. Holding Agent Opinion Poll: Flax Seed Oil Or Aloe Vera Gel?
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  95. I Would Appreciate Having A Mentor...
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  98. 5 Months and still going
  99. 7 months and need guidance
  100. Loc help
  101. Looking for a Loc Buddy
  102. looking for a loc buddy in ATL
  103. Looking for a loc buddy in the UK
  104. lookin 4 a loc buddy in Boston MA
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  106. lookin for a lock buddy in tallahassee
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  108. Chicago South Suburbs
  109. Loc buddy in nottingham/london, uk
  110. Just started locs in June...still need alot of help in Las Vegas
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  116. One month in with baby coils
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  118. Let look for a WWW lock buddy in 2010
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  120. Sisterlocks installed April 4-5, 2009
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  122. Lookin for Locs in all de wrong places, lookin for Locs... :)
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  124. Lookin for a loc buddy
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  126. Loc Buddy
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  128. in desperate need of some support!
  129. Young Brotha Here in Philly Looking for Loc Buddy
  130. Need a loc buddy to keep me encouraged
  131. new york stand up-loc buddy needed
  132. Houston area Sisterlocks early May
  133. Mature loc ( 3 and 1/2 years) looking to work with all Natural/homemade products
  134. loc buddy?
  135. Lock Buddy
  136. Loc buddy needed
  137. Need a Lock buddy ( 1 week 2 days comb twist)
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  140. Newbie from Orlando, Fl.
  141. Loc buddy in nova or the dmv
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  143. looking for a loc buddy
  144. Looking for a Loc Buddy
  145. Looking for a Loc Buddy - North Chicago Area
  146. I wouldn't mind having a loc buddy in Las Vegas
  147. Calling all Newbie, and Vet Braidlockers
  148. LOC BUDDY: I'm bt VA and AL
  149. Loc buddy =)
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  151. Lock Buddy
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  156. Loc buddy???
  157. Loc Buddy
  158. Would u like to be my Loc Buddy?? (Chicago land area OR Grand Rapids, Mi)
  159. ATL LoCk BuDdY NeEdEd. Any takers
  160. Braidlocker...loc buddy wanted
  161. Need a Loc Buddy
  162. Looking in LAS
  163. I'll Be Your Loc Buddy
  164. Any new loc'ers with really soft hair?
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  171. Loc Journery Begins
  172. Looking for a loc buddy, Bronx NY
  173. Lock buddy In new York
  174. 6 in length cottony haired vixen getting loc'd in a week
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  177. Frequent Loc Buddy
  178. Newly Loc'd Going On Deployment
  179. Loc Buddy in Northern Alabama!
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  181. 10 day old TST loc'er needs some loc buddy luv:)
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  183. looking for a bradelocz buddy!!!!!
  184. NJ/NY loc buddy
  185. Still looking for a loc buddy in Las Vegas
  186. Looking for a LGBT loc buddy in NJ/NY
  187. loc buddy in SC..Anyone? :)
  188. NJ/PA/NY Loc Buddies!
  189. I want a loc buddy!!!!
  190. Looking for a DMV Loc Buddy
  191. towel/sponge rubbing method
  192. Newbie Starter Locs
  193. Loc Buddy DC/MD/VA
  194. Loc Buddy Needed- Philadelphia PA
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  196. Loc Buddy in New York
  197. Loc Buddy Wanted in GA/AL area.
  198. Newly Loc'd!
  199. Loc buddy in North Carolina !
  200. Loc Buddy needed!!! If u dont mind having a across the seas buddy!!
  201. Loc Buddy... good idea!!
  202. Loc buddy in the TN/MS area?
  203. Loc friends wanted NJ/NY Tri-state Area!
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  206. Loc buddy in dc/va/md
  207. help
  208. Mature locs lookin for a fl buddy
  209. Loc Buddy?
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  212. Loc Buddy - Virtual
  213. Coiled Newbie?
  214. Wanted: Baby/Starter Loc Buddy
  215. Loc buddy Jamaica? *3 months since started*
  216. Loc Buddy DMV
  217. Virtual Lock Buddies Group - All Welcome
  218. Long Distance (Virtual) Loc Buddy
  219. Anyone in Vancouver Area (Senior Locker needed)
  220. Need Loc advise & a buddy
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  222. Curly Soft Virtual Braidloc Buddy??
  223. New Sisterlocks
  224. Started as Long-Haired Natural?
  225. Loc buddy needed in St. Louis, MO
  226. lookin 4 a Loc Buddy
  227. Loc Buddy Needed in Baltimore
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  229. Loc buddy in Montreal, Canada?
  230. In Nashville needing a loc buddy
  231. Looking for a pic buddy