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  1. Could you all Post Your Regimens???
  2. Knotty Twists
  3. Nappies With No Pattern Definition
  4. Itchy, Flaky, Crusty, Irritated Scalp
  5. Twists & An Itchy Scalp
  6. Scabs On Scalp
  7. The "what Not To Do" Thread
  8. Help!!
  9. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture Failure
  10. comb coil question
  11. DESPERATELY DESPISE getting a relaxer, BUT...I am stuck at a tough spot.HELP!!
  12. Anyone's coils too tight to detangle?
  13. 2 strand twist question
  14. Concerned Aunt of an 11 yo girl needs advice!
  15. Bald regimen?
  16. Akward length phase
  17. Oh no!
  18. Gray - What's the best way to cover?
  19. Dry as a bone
  20. OILY
  21. Help!!! Oil problem!!!!
  22. Hair type
  23. Hair coloring question....
  24. Help with my double strand twists!
  25. Split Ends, Split Middles, and Strand Gaps. HELP!
  26. A happy update! (& more questions)
  27. why is my hair still straight?!?
  28. Wanting To Go Blonde. Any tips/suggestions
  29. twa maintenance
  30. 6 yrs and i still have questions!
  31. Want To Spice It Up!
  32. i just dont know what to do with this coarse hair!
  33. Single Strand Knots?
  34. No Comb question (Please Help)
  35. co-washing question
  36. I'm Frustrated with My Hair
  37. Which is easier to detangle - long hair or short hair?
  38. Help!!!! Henna Questions
  39. Kimmytube stikes another HOME RUN...
  40. Deep conditioning and protective styles
  41. Twist and Braid Ends
  42. A dry mess!
  43. Transitioning with braids
  44. Shaved and starting the journey!
  45. A Must Read For Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair
  46. Frizzy two stranded twist out
  47. Natural Hair and Chlorine
  48. Help!!!!!!!!! Backwards natural
  49. Too Little Too Late... And Mad As Ever
  50. Trim at the Barber shop
  51. Help with my style.
  52. Any tips to maintaining a healthy scalp?
  53. moisture help
  54. Scab hair!!
  55. dandruff dandruff more dandruff!
  56. Buh Bye Edges....
  57. Styling Help.
  58. I need a trim!
  59. once again im back
  60. Protective Styling..
  61. Shedding
  62. I might go back to creamy crack!
  63. new to nappy world/need help with the lingo
  64. Protein treatment
  65. Sister twist/two strand twists
  66. Twists and Chlorine
  67. Please helpp!
  68. Advice wanted: styles that prevent thin edges
  69. washing two strand twists
  70. Newbie Needs Help!!
  71. Cheesy smelling scalp
  72. What's the quickest way to dry your hair?
  73. Huge forehead
  74. Still dry or am I just impatient
  75. Wedding Hairstyles
  76. Frizzy Braids
  77. What to do to hair while in braids or twist???????
  78. Totally killing my hair, SOS?
  79. Discouraged...Extremely!!!
  80. My Sunday Night Adventure!!
  81. dry itchy scalp and locs
  82. Going Back to College Soon and not sure what to do...
  83. Hair color help!!
  84. does anyone stick to 1 regime??
  85. Help i Dyed my hair jet black/shedding
  86. so confused!! yikes!
  87. Bigen Hair color
  88. Bald Spot
  89. Ready to throw in the towel with this hair!!!
  90. Cream conditioner or Oil
  91. Experimenting with vegetable glycerin
  92. Day 4 Natural And I'm Struggling! HELP!
  93. How to Wash Natural Hair & Eliminate Flakes?
  94. Can my accidental wash and go be protective?
  95. Did bc!!!
  96. Need Help
  97. Celebrity Napps
  98. Wash n Go?
  99. Breaking free from the salon/ how to get started?
  100. My Husband Hates my TWA
  101. Help! Dry hair, no style
  102. Am I using the shea butter correctly...?
  103. What Moisturizer Works For You?
  104. kinky twists care
  105. Did I make a mistake?
  106. Single Strand Knots...uuugh!
  107. Coconut oil smell
  108. to detangle or not to......
  109. Somebody Help!!!!! My Hairs Bout To Get Murdered!!!
  110. Questions about Moisturizing Spritz & other things...
  111. Behuetiful hair steamer...WTH!!!!!
  112. Do you think putting something on your scalp helps hair grow?
  113. Tips to simplify my two strand twist regime
  114. Breaking Edges! Helpppp!!!!
  115. Jason's 84% Aloe Vera Shampoo
  116. Time spent doing your hair
  117. Cornrow Progress!
  118. Is It Off-Limits to Talk About Weaves? 'Cause I Have Questions...
  119. Kinky and Straight...???
  120. Thicker Hair
  121. Using clippers on my own head
  122. 100 strands
  123. Individual/Box Braids & Care
  125. henna coloring or cinnamon lightening
  126. Making hair accessories
  127. HELP!! Newly natural and no styles work for me...
  128. Itchy scalp
  129. TST with weave?
  130. Please help
  131. Beeswax
  132. Can I change or will it EVER get easier ???
  133. hair coloring
  134. Nappy and Frustrated :)
  135. Which is best?
  136. Oil Rinse
  137. Biracial Hair Help
  138. about to cry
  139. Is it normal for your hair to shed everyday??
  140. Carols Daughter anybody?
  141. Alright, need some advice
  142. Male Afro Shrinkage help!
  143. What now?
  144. hair dryer recommendations?
  145. Help!
  146. Dear Retention, Please Don't Abandon Me Now!! ((PICS))
  147. two stranded twist after care
  148. how do you control your frizz??
  149. How often do you have to comb your newgrowth or natural hair?
  150. Post-coloring drama.
  151. Should I wait for my edges to get fuller before locking?
  152. How do you know if your hair is dry?
  153. To Clarify or not to clarify that is the question...
  154. Is it ok to wash?
  155. If I don't Get Help Soon..Creamy Crack Here I Come!!
  156. Ponytail Holders
  157. Aveda color and my hair
  158. Help me please!!!!
  159. My hair is like cotton - where is my curls?
  160. So I Found Out I Was Mixed.
  161. Braids in TOO long?
  162. Cornrow Removable
  163. What do I do?
  164. Leaving in a regular conditioner
  165. Two Strand Twists Help
  166. I smell drama...
  167. curls only defined at the ends. why?
  168. does an extra week really make a difference.
  169. Why was my conditioner foaming?
  170. split ends
  171. Coloring after the BC. How soon is too soon?
  172. Any Advice Greatly Appreciated
  173. My daughter wants her hair flat ironed !!!
  174. :( In need of advice
  175. I've been natural for over a month; now what?
  176. Dry = Damaged?
  177. kinky twists dry scalp
  178. A Compendium of Cuts
  179. Hot Oil Treatments
  180. 4 day Protective style...
  181. Washing Hair in Sections
  182. Twists
  183. Detangling.....
  184. so wi shing to be curly!!!
  185. best products
  186. Stripped hair is good?
  187. parting your hair
  188. My Scalp is Crying - Regret
  189. Two Questions: Scalp scritching/Oil removal
  190. dry scalp
  191. Different hair products
  192. My hair does not like glycerin.
  193. HELP!! Sleeping at night and a frohawk??
  194. Looking For A....
  195. Questions About Temporary/permanent Hair Color
  196. Twists that twist?
  197. I don't understand!!!!!!!
  198. cornrow definition.....
  199. Cornrow frizziness
  200. No chemicals!
  201. Im so frustratated with my hair I feel like giving up
  202. All Hair Not the Same Length
  203. How to soften 4B hair or S Hair?
  204. I need some guidance
  205. Is it good for you to wash your hairs daily?
  206. Hair shaft splits
  207. Hair Hates Humectants!!!
  208. Loc-ing Fine Hair- My hair keeps coming loose
  209. Shedding/Breakage
  210. New to this thing call Natural....
  211. My sisters Scalp
  212. Perma-dye
  213. Regular Conditioner
  214. Wet Bunning on Longer Hair
  215. hair routine/advise for a newbie
  216. Deep conditioning while having weave/extenstions?
  217. What am I doing wrong.
  218. Two Strand Twists What Am I Doing Wrong???
  219. How do you leave in?
  220. HELP!
  221. Headwraps for bad hair days
  222. what should i be doing to my hair at night before going to bed?
  223. What do you do?
  224. Help with Oils......
  225. Can we use Cocoa Butter on our hair
  226. chlorine vs salt water
  227. Help me please :(
  228. Fed up
  229. Dealing with two textures.?
  230. That's Great for YOU.. Not working for me..
  231. Simplifying Finger Detangling
  232. When Did You Switch Routines?
  233. Me vs the twist fuzzies
  234. Some one please help me!
  235. scalp is irritated in certain parts...suggestions please. :)
  236. Castor Oil Thoughts?
  237. Quick Steam Cap?
  238. Ughhhh Breakage in the CROWN AREA!
  239. Prblem with flyaways
  240. Caring for Ty Zillions
  241. White Residue On TWA
  242. How often do u wash ur hair?
  243. Non traditional Shampoos
  244. Going natural in the military... HELP!!!
  245. going to try kinky twist for the first time
  246. please help me I'm a newbie!
  247. Honey Rinse, who knew?
  248. What are you 4b/4c's using on your hair?
  249. Scabs and Sore Scalp
  250. Wet Set at Home