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  5. coloring locs
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  8. Color
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  10. color
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  17. Color
  18. Coloring Locs
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  22. Coloring Your Locs
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  24. I Wanna Recolor My Locs
  25. Question For The Loc Wearer's Who Color Their Loc
  26. Color Me Natural
  27. Cover Or Keep The Grey?
  28. Coloring
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  30. Coloring
  31. When To Start Palmrolling
  32. How Shall I Start?
  33. Myth About Bradelocs
  34. Thinking About Locing My Hair
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  36. Sisterlocks
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  44. Coloring Locs
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  52. Locs and Color
  53. Coloring Locs
  54. Coloring Locs
  55. Colored locs....Red, need to tone down badly
  56. Coloring locs
  57. Colored Loc's
  58. Recommendations
  59. Hair Dye
  60. Semi-permanent Hair Color
  61. Lightening hair with honey and cinnamon
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  69. Step by step
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  76. I want to do a color rinse on my locs...where do I start?
  77. does ACV strip your color?
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  79. Any Advice on what I should do Before I dye my locs a lighter shade? Please Respond!!
  80. My experiment with colour didnít work
  81. Faux Coloring
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  103. How soon is too soon for "treatments"?
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  108. Coloring Loc tips/or two tone loc tips
  109. What hair color would work best? Thoughts?
  110. White
  111. blonde girly
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  113. Should I wait?
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  118. Bigen
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  122. NYC Colorist
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