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04-07-2004, 11:29 PM
I am interested in freelancing while I am in college. Photography has been an outlet when the academic side became too stressful. I have individuals that are now asking me to do work for them after viewing my prints. I have access to a darkroom, but I am not willing to provide my services for free any longer. Time and money goes into the process, so I need to beneift from the job. I have been successful in negotiating some projects with people within the fashion industry, but now I do not know how to market my services as a business. I want to be professional and have my fees and services properly presented. I am a Chemistry and A-A studies double major, so I have no idea about business and contracts. I just wanna get some feedback or suggestions on how to go about how to start my own freelanceing in photography. For instance, how do I determine the cost and profit of the services. Things like that. Or what has your experience been?

05-04-2004, 05:09 PM
I used to be a free-lance photographer and I found it extremely difficult to get people to pay for my services :fight . But, what I did was write up a business plan, you can look on-line and I’m sure you can get help with that. Determine how much you are spending on supplies, estimate how much you want to charge for you time, your travel, your expertise in ideas/originality/creativity, food (if you are on an assignment for any length of time), assistance (if you have someone helping you), etc, etc. Go from there and set you price.

I have a lot of books on photography and one book in particular on freelance photography business, how to set it up. I can make a list of them and send to you if you want. :razz