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07-16-2009, 07:45 PM
today one of my locs fell out, i washed my hair as usual and began gently seperating, and before i knew it i had a lil loc in my hand. its freaked me out a bit, i am wandering if i am doing something wrong?? or whether this is all down to the fact of my diet/anorexia. i have been struggling a bit with my illness lately, though i take daily multivitamins. i hope no more fall out, its distressing enough having one fall out, i dont want get rid of my locs, any advice


07-16-2009, 08:05 PM
Don't stress. Just re-attach it and move on.

Where did it break? In the middle of the lock or at the root? If it broke at the root, it could be your retightening technique. Are you rolling, latching, freeforming? If it broke in the middle, it could be stress or a pressure point. Do you use a ponytail holder, scarf, barrette or anything that applies pressure or stress on the lock at the spot where it broke?

07-16-2009, 08:24 PM
Sorry to hear that sis! :(

I remember when you first started posting and mentioned that you suffered with anorexia because my heart went out to you as so many other sista's here did! I hope you are getting help with that now??? :unsure:

I'm not sure what your best option for you at this point is but as chachadiva stated you can always re-attach it...

I checked out your blog and it looks like it came out at the root.... :pinch: ... The anorexia may have something to do with it... even if you're taking vitamins they can't substitute; overall good nutrition! I'm sorry to say but you will most likely suffer with growing your hair out due to this condition! I have yet to see any anorexics with healthy hair! I'm not trying to be mean at all--so please don't take it that way--but, you're body isn't healthy so why would your hair be??? Hair loss is extremely common with anorexia, along with so many other debilitating symptoms.

I haven't suffered with anorexia but I hate when I hear people say "Just go eat a burger" or "You're not even fat---so what are you worried about?" I know you can't just 'go eat'---if it was only that simple, right? Anorexia is a disease and IT HAS TO BE TREATED AS SUCH!!!!!

Personally I feel your focus shouldn't be on your locs right now...all of the up's and down's, peaks and valley's that come with this journey may be too much for your psychi right now.... You need to work on your mind, body and spirit. Worry about the hair later....

I'm not sure what else to say????

Blessings~ :wub:


07-17-2009, 07:44 AM
thanks gorgeouslocs and chachadiva for your advice, i am really nearly almost freeforming so i dont think it caused by overtightening etc, however my hands are always in my hair, so it might be from touching my hair too much. i know my illness has a devastating effect on my hair, but i didnt want it to stop me locing, as no matter how i have my hair its going to be comprimised by my illness, which i have lived with for most of my life. i have had treatment for many years now but i think i will probably be one of the ones that live with illness forever but i try not to let it destroy my life too much. i am going to be starting daycare again soon, so i should see some improvements with my hair/body, but im not expecting any big changes, just improvements.
i also think that some of my locs were too thin and thats why it fell out, anyway i sat up last night and undid all the back and im going to start that again but bigger ones this time.
anyway your help is appreciated, cheers
xxmyhairisfreexx :)

07-17-2009, 08:34 PM
:( That's really too bad. I don't have any advice other than to work on YOU as a whole.

I wouldn't expect you to stop your locking journey, but I'd really hope that you took that journey and made your health a part of it as well. I makes me a sad to read that you're ok with living with the illness, but that really is your business.

I'm not going to say that I'll pray for you, because I'm not religious. But my heart really does go out to you. Just don't give up the good fight.