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10-31-2009, 03:21 PM
I'm quite the lurker and finally decided to speak on my experiences. First of all, I just want to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site. You all are SO encouraging. My husband is probably tired of me always mentioning this site...he's so supportive though! But I digress. I decided to start transitioning 6 months ago. I didn't wanna cut my hair because having long hair all of my life, I was STUCK with the "longer is better" mentality. A few months ago after researching any and everything about locs, I decided I wanted to loc. I just knew it and haven't changed my mind since. I chose to go the braidlock route...took me a whole week to put in small braids all over. Loved it but felt like I was cheating because I had not done the big chop. 2 weeks in, I got the scissors and started clipping. Went from few inches away from BSL p e r m e d/transitioning hair to ear level. Needless to say, just like so many of yall on here, my mom did not approve. However, she pretended like it was ok. It wasn't until a friend of her's came over to do her hair when the truth came out. (She was getting kinky twists extensions. Now, the funny thing is, she claim she's going natural but whenever I tell her to do the chop, she refuses. More on that later.) I was SO embarrassed because she switched up on me!! I'm not gonna lie. It bothered me. Lucky for me, I have an extremely supportive husband who has helped throughout this journey. He's the one who encouraged me to just go through with the big chop. Get it over with. He's great! :)) So anyway, after having the braids in for 5 weeks I decided to take them all out because after cutting, some of the braids in the back were unraveling. So frustrating. The take out wasn't as easy I thought it would be because the back row (I was gradually cut the r e l a x e d ends off row by row) was locking up and I was latching on top of that. I just recently chopped all that nasty, dead p e r m e d ends off. Relief! And I'm sporting a cute little TWA that I'm finger coiling (actually braiding and coiling the ends so that it doesn't come loose as easily and I can begin latching when it's time for my 1st re-ti.) It's so short that it just looks curly/coily. Can't even tell it's braided) Ready to begin the GENUINE loc process. Very excited! My mom, on the other hand, not so much. :huh: She has yet to see my hair. I'm gonna wait until I'm finished coiling it. Some of the tings she felt the need to tell me- not every woman looks good with short hair...I'm gonna be ugly :-| ...she hope I didn't cut it anymore...I shouldn't cut it cuz that's what the Bible say...my husband doesn't really like it. He's just saying that. Blah blah blah...in one ear and out the other. Thanks to NP and my hubby! I gotta do what feels right to ME! I'll be the last one to live this life so I try to not let the negativity get to me.

Sorry so long but I had to get that out! ;-)

10-31-2009, 05:08 PM
Congratulations on your decision to loc! You will learn that those who were the biggest doubters about your decision, end up lusting over your locs after awhile. Wear them with pride, style and class and just be you. That's all any of us can really do, right? Great you have a supportive hubby. And yes, there is a lot of support here. So if you're having an off day, come to this board for a boost. I often wonder if I would have made it this far without the knowledge that I received from this board.

10-31-2009, 05:24 PM
Congratulations on both deciding to loc and coming out of lurker mode. Keep standing and doing what you feel is best for you. We can never satisfy everyone nor should we try.