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11-06-2009, 07:30 PM
I am in need of a change, so I wasnt to dye my hair a shade of maroon. The only thing is that my hair doesn't pick up color well...my loctician put $160 worth of color a few months ago and it did not show. :(o)

I'm thinking of a D.I.Y dye. I've done it before, but I'm thinking I will have to bleach my hair first then do the maroon. Has anyone else done this? are there other ways to lighten my hair? I know we don't bleach permed hair...is bleaching locs safe? {o PLEASE HELP! lol

11-06-2009, 09:17 PM
I don't have any other method advice for coloring or lightning. So you're probably gonna want to wait for more replies after me..lol.

Anywho...I've done this before...[more than once]. If you're going to bleach I'd suggest using the mildest developer you can find unless you're comfortable using anything higher than that. I am, so I do besides I use crazy bright colors so I need more lift but for maroon you shouldn't need very much. It'll only really lighten while it's wet, when it starts to dry...it usually stops. The roots lighten the fastest because of the heat from your scalp, so if you're going up that far, do that part LAST. Wen you've got the lift you want, rinse it out THOROUGHLY!! I can NOT stress this enough. You'll see it lifting so there shouldnt be much of a question as to how light it is. It'll lift along the lines of red, orange-red, orange, yellow, some weird clear color. So keep that in mind when picking out your color...

I'd suggest using a rinse to deposit the color. It's relatively harmless from what I know. No ammonia or alcohol, tho others may have a different opinion so ask them. I can only speak on what I actually use & I only use rinses. I don't really have any recommendations but I've used just about every company & glancing around my closet I currently have about 5-6 bottles of Adore so...yea. Anyway, I usually apply it with my hands from the bottle [PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE GLOVES!!! I never do but...thats why I'm telling you] but you can also mix it with something. I've mixed it with plain conditioner & have still had success. [i've added water to get every last drop out the bottle & still had success]. after I apply I try to rub and squeeze the locs to try to get it as evenly as possible. I've found it pretty easy to have blotches if I don't. If you miss some, you can just spot apply. Make sure you rinse this out until the water runs clear. You can add more conditioner if you like.

More or less people will probably tell you using bleahc in general isn't safe, so i figured i'd just add that.

11-06-2009, 11:08 PM
Have you considered Henna? I don't know if its a bright enough colour for you, but multiple applications over time can bring the colour to a maroon shade, if you have brownish rather than deep black hair it would show up more.

I don't think it is generally used on chemically treated hair, but I'm not sure. It does give permanent colouring though by coating the hair so it won't cause the damage that can happen with lightening or chemically colouring your hair.

I lifted a the ends few of my locs to an orangey/golden colour maybe six months or so ago to try it out, so far they are holding up just fine, the locs seem to have meshed tighter in those spots (not a bad thing), but apart from that, not breaking that I'm aware of.

If the henna isn't striking enough for you, maybe your could test out the lightening and colouring on a handfull of locs first to see how they are. Chemicals will invariably do some damage, but the degree of visable damage varies with different hair types and treatments. There are plenty of people who colour their locs and it works just fine.


Hi five Xotica! I love the colour you've got in your hair. If I had more time to play (and I was younger :) ) I'd be more inclined to play with mine more as far as colour is concerned. I may yet still :) ...