View Full Version : That darn Petsmart on the weekends!

11-29-2009, 03:45 PM
So the only pets I have of my own are 3 beta fish that probably won't last much longer if I don't find a proper heat source for them. The boxer in the other thread is my SO's dog.

Almost every weekend I take my behind into Petsmart or Petco because they have the humane society in for pet adoptions knowing full well I can't get a pet right now. :-| It's friggin self inflicted torture. I don't even like cats (and apparently I'm allergic to them) but every time I go in there I fall in love with those beautiful eyes, teeny furry paws (as compared to the paws of an 8 month old Boxer, LOL) and little pink/red nose. They are just so cute and curious.

Then there are the dogs. They are either really sad looking :(...like Mara the Jack Russell who has to wear a cone to keep from nibbling on her paws because she's nervous. Or they are super sweet and friendly...like Cricket the mix who came out his cage and immediately wanted to play. It's complete torture but I'll probably in there again next Saturday.

That Boxer and Animal Planet have made me such an animal lover it's crazy, LOL. :p As soon as I get back on my feet and get my own place I'm adopting either a cat (depending what an allergist says) or an adult dog.

Mirah Nirvana
11-29-2009, 04:29 PM
^^^ that's me all the way!

11-30-2009, 12:01 AM
If I ever get a home where I can be a foster or rescue parent I will be doing so in a heart beat. I love dogs the most and I at least once a month got to petland or something just to look at at the puppies. I have to dogs of my own and I just love them to death. Sometimes when I am feeling down they just look at me and make me happy.

11-30-2009, 12:35 AM
This is why i can't be a veterinarian or work as a veterinarian assistant. I would want to bring them all home. i went to the park today and some one had left a puppy. :( I wanted to cry. A little girl was feeding him and said they were trying to find his owners. I wanted to bring him own but i know my DH would have a stroke.

I hope someone took him home with them. I've gonna go by the dog park tomorrow and see if he's there. He was so skinny i could see some of his ribs. :(

12-02-2009, 05:19 PM

See that was me torturing myself until i just went ahead and got me a dog.