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01-24-2010, 07:56 PM
Tracing Black American Ancestry thereby Undoing the Negatives of Slavery

Southfield, MI -----(WomenPR) Southfield, Michigan based professional genealogist uses family research expertise and extensive knowledge of the history of Africa and its Diaspora to uncover the true heritage of Black Americans that slave owners took in order to maximize profit and prevent slave revolts.

With the mission of undoing the negatives of slavery one person/family at a time USA Griot offers professional genealogical services to African Americans seeking to trace their family history (including mixture with persons of European descent, Native Americans, and others).

In the tradition of the West African griot (pronounced gree-oh) in which the griot is a chronicler of history – keeping track of the story and developments of his people over time. In addition the griot is also guardian of the knowledge of his people’s ancestry or genealogy. USA Griot is staffed with certified professional genealogists who specialize in utilizing different research methodologies to uncover information that once seemed daunting or impossible to discover.

“ The problems with many African Americans today are a direct result of slavery. Through reclaiming our heritage, humanity, and unity many can undo the negatives of slavery by learning their family history and recapturing their ancestry. Through this knowledge one is able to undo the seasoning or breaking that slave owners, drivers, overseers, slave-traders and others used that has plagued many previous generations of African American,” says Burlay Toukam founder of USA Griot.

With an expert staff including a history expert, genealogist , African American research specialist, European/European American expert , and an authority on Native American heritage, USA Griot offers genealogical services including:

·Research slavery to present
·Chronicle slavery
·Document Middle Passage
·Discover African tribe/country
·Native American heritage
·European American heritage
·Book creation and publication
·Family website
·DVD documentary
·Family wall charts
·Family health history
…and more

For information visit: http://www.usagriot.com
http://www.usagriot.com (http://www.usagriot.com/)


01-24-2010, 09:44 PM
This seems pretty good. I've done family research on my side and my husband's side, but I've hit a few roadblocks, especially on my side. I did want to do the research myself but my life has kinda changed and I can't freely travel and research. So, this would be worth it to me.