View Full Version : Are they teaching anything in Cosmetology School??

05-07-2010, 09:50 PM
Last night I was talking to a friend who has had her cosmetology license for at least 9 months. She's done my hair on many occasions although since I have been transitioning I do not let anyone else touch my hair.

So last night she's telling me about a guy she's dating, who seems to really like natural hair. I've been trying to get her to let go of the lye for a while now. The past 3 weeks I've roller set her hair similar to mine and this new guy really likes it. I tell her she can just keep rocking this style while she transitions. This new guy's is encouraging her too since his mom is natural. So my friend is telling me all this and then says to me (and I quote) "but she goes to get blow outs, she's not really natural right?"

I proceed to explain to her that if she is not chemically altering her hair texture then she is considered natural. Why am I explaining this to HER? I asked her do they learn about natural hair at all in school and she said not really...


05-07-2010, 10:01 PM
No they really don't there is maybe 2 ,3 pages at most on black hair care.
If I am not mistaken it is called a chemical blow out. I think they teach to give a light relaxer too loosen the curl the when blow drying it will still have some curl. I know where my book is so I will double check that when I get home.

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