View Full Version : First Time Straightened Natural Hair

11-14-2010, 08:15 PM
So i got my hair straightened a couple of days ago at a salon. I MISS MY AFRO/NATURAL HAIR. The thing about having straightened hair is that you cannot really party...I had to leave a party last night because I was so scared that my hair was going to sweat out. If I had my afro, who knows, I would have still be partying right now. : )

Also, with having straight hair, I have realized how people act differently towards you. They are are more friendly. : (

When/if you do get your hair straightened, do you notice the difference in how people act toward you?

11-14-2010, 08:19 PM
Surely you should have known that would happen. Why get it straightened after being natural in the first place?:huh:

Don't think I'm being mean, because I'm not. I'm just wondering.

11-14-2010, 08:20 PM
Nappturality does not promote, discuss, or condone hair straightening techniques all that comes along with it. Not Sorry :-|

11-14-2010, 08:21 PM
Naturals and Others act way different. I guess they acted different cause of how you fit in. Though having natural is getting more popular.. it is still very new, you know?
I did it, it was a wig though. And guys at school started noticing me and talking to me (even though they KNEW I had a boyfriend, and had classes with him.) however once I went back to natural, I barely existed to them anymore.

I thought it was extremely funny. Haha :)
I don't need their attention though...
My non-black friends thought I looked "HOT", they said it suited me. But whatever, I didn't love it.

By the way: fuzzyhair nappturality has a advertisement with a straight haired lady on it at the side bar. It's a bit controversial no?