View Full Version : New twists- washing with baking soda?

07-28-2011, 04:39 AM
Hey all! I'm back. I have soft hair and currently it's just in coils. it's about 3 weeks in and I've been keeping my hair under two or three hairnets when I do a rinse to keep the twists intact. However, it;s getting on time for an actual wash or something not unlike it. My question is, if you use baking soda, is there a way to use it that it will completely rinse out even with several nets on? Does baking soda leave granuals? Thanks in advance!

08-02-2011, 04:37 AM
I have washed my locks in the past using baking soda mixed with my shampoo diluted in a bucket of water.

Everything rinsed clean, but I didn't have any barriers on my head that I had to be mindful of. I also submerge my hair to wash it and rinse it under the tub faucet. I was never overly precious when it came to my washings. When anything came undone, I just retwisted it.

Baking soda can leave a powderiness on the hair if you're not kind of vigorous in rinsing it out.

I understand you're trying to keep things "in order", VeronasLove, but I think that nets and stocking caps prevent thorough washings and rinsings.

I know your hair is very soft and slippery. Are you able to freeform, so you can feel like you can wash your hair without "worry?"