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09-11-2011, 05:32 AM
im going to the salon soon (should probably make an appoinment first 8))

im planning on going to an egygtian salon, called Magids hair studio, here in chicago (any reviews of this place are welcome lol)

i know the egyptians/dominicans are supposed to be quite good at doing our type of hair texture. now what i really want is a cut/trim to get all of my damaged ends off (its been a while, so he'll probably cut off a lot :()

anyways, how should i ask him to style it? should i let him straighten it, just get it blowdried, or risk it and ask him to style my hair curly? do egyptian stylists know how to style natural hair without straightening?


Moderator T
09-11-2011, 10:34 AM
We don't advocate straightening hair period. Please research or pm members.There are many posts about how to cut textured hair if you do a search on nappturality.