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07-23-2012, 01:57 PM
Anyone who's knows me knows that my grandfather and I are very close. We could talk for hours and hours. No matter what time a night or morning we could always have an conversation about almost anything no subject was off limits. Over the years we have had numerous conversations about older relatives that I never knew.

Well a few years ago I started to record him telling the stories that he had told me many times before. I also decided to write down all of the names that he could recall, then I started looking them up in the louisiana's state archives online. In Louisiana if the person has been dead at least 50 years, then a death certificate can be obtained. On the death certificate the person's parents are name as well as their birth place. I was able to trace his family back to what I'm sure were the first slaves to come here from South Carolina. That's wear the researched stop. One day I plan to go visit South Carolina, and hopefully go back even farther.

I was able to obtain pictures of my grandfather's mom and dad as well as their mothers. Check out the detail and how stylish everyone was dressed. What happen to this type of pride in our appearance. We need to do better...

PS: The pics were to big to upload ...so here is the link


07-31-2012, 01:25 PM
Oooooooo I''m such a nerd for history I love old family pictures we have a few as well!

ETA: Okay so I totally love your blog!