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06-08-2014, 10:22 PM
Hellooo everyone! I'm Stefanie and I'm from the Netherlands. I went on my natural hair journey a year ago. The last time i relaxed my hair was in march 2013. I was transitioning and now almost all my relaxed ends are cut off! In that year i didn't put any heat or whatever on my hair.

I already have a question and that is..
What kind of curly type is my hair? (I have pictures!!) And do you know bloggers, youtubers or celebrities that have the same hair type.

I know that every curly hair is unique in it's own way but some advise and example would be great for motivation!!

Urls of the pictures of my hair:

Thank you very much!!

06-09-2014, 06:35 AM
Welcome Stefanie!
You have beautiful curly hair! I can see still see a few relaxed ends in there and the gorgeous growth you have coming through. Good for you not using heat during your transition because that is a sure way to cause problems with your natural texture.

You are right, no one's hair is the same but I am sure you will find someone with similar hair here, since we have thousands of posts.

Your hair looks to be a loose type of curl/coil when compared to hair say, like mine, so it won't loc as easily (lol) as mine but you still need to keep your hair well moisturized, especially as it grows out for the first time since the relaxer. You are over a year into your journey now, congrats!! Your hair looks to be similar to Kelis, one celeb that comes to mind.


07-06-2014, 12:50 AM
Since it is said that this board is not "hair type friendly" might I suggest that you go on Youtube and look up "hair types" to find which one you are. There is also a hair typing quiz that will help you to find your porosity, density, etc. However I don't know if I am allowed to direct you to it.

It helped me to find out I was "low porosity" which means I need to stay away from proteins, [which clarified why the one time I used proteins in my hair, it felt like straw...smh]. I will find out if I can share.