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07-17-2019, 11:47 AM
My sister had her DNA done through one of those kits you can order online. Surprising results! ... has anyone on here had one done? What was your experience?

I don't like the idea of sending my DNA off to whoever, but maybe I'm just paranoid.

07-20-2019, 05:06 PM
I did it (Ancestry).

Skip Gates says that the average African-American who's descended from enslaved Africans has 23% European DNA and less than 3% Native American DNA. I knew I wasn't going to be anywhere near average and I was right: I'm just under 90% African. :DEver since I was a kid I'd heard my dad's side of the family describe themselves as "thoroughbreds"; they were calling themselves black before it was popular. 25% of it was Ivory Coast/Ghana, which wasn't a surprise (for years Ghanaians have told me I look like one of them); another 25% was Nigerian, which was a surprise.

Of the non-African DNA, the biggest percentage was Finnish, which was a surprise. However, a couple of years later I got another more refined report and now my biggest percentage is Irish, which makes more sense given which white rapists were living here 200+ years ago. However, as I've always said, it really doesn't matter where it came from because it's not like it shows, lol.

One of my cousins, who's always believed she was a quarter Jewish, did a DNA test. There was no mention of Jewish ancestry in her results. At minimum it would have said "European Jew" or "Ashkenazy Jew." Some white cousins showed up in her tree though. As far as I know they haven't responded to messages...

07-24-2019, 03:13 AM
i have. i was geeked. supposedly all ivory coast, only 6% european, cool. Then a yr or 2 later, they update as more genetic factors are available and realign me to new countries, including more white and different African nations. My disappointment is i dont believe it now. It's totally different and I feel as thought I'm back to not knowing anything again

Make sure you ask them to delete your data or they will sell it to companies to do whatever they want. you are right to be hesitant. I am in research for the greater good and have been a part of longitudinal studies for yrs. so i bought into the hype, learned later...buyer beware-or atleast be empowered. https://support.ancestry.com/s/question/0D515000023TEupCAG/how-to-delete-or-remove-my-dna-results-from-ancestrys-database