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Medusa Negrita
05-18-2003, 10:59 PM
I think Jesus existed. I also think he was really an ordinary man. But this post isn't about Jesus as ordinary man or extraordinary being, it's about his death, and how I can see it or equate it with more of assassination.

I think the 'Christ' figure/name was given to the ordinary man name of Jesus many years after he died and was made into a larger than life iconic religious figure (sorta like Elvis).

It's not that much of a jump for me to see the crucifiction of Jesus as one being very similar to an assassination (if indeed not an assassination in and of itself). Consider this...a 'minority' man (meaning not of the ruling mainstream, which was Roman at the time) that espouses a belief and/or speaks of an imposing belief system that is different from the mainstream, and that in and of itself presents a threat to the mainstream beliefs and system/way of doing thangs. So the mainstream divises a plan to get rid of him, and then uses one of his own people to go against him and help take him out. He's tried and sentenced and executed by the very people that sought to take him out in the first place. After his death (when he's no longer a threat to mainstream) he's then put on this pedestal and glamed over into this extrodinary larger than life all-inclusive religious icon ........much like Martin and Malcolm (minus the extrodinary religious icon with new name and religion ).

Mirriam-Webster Main Entry: proph·et
1 : one who utters divinely inspired revelations; specifically often capitalized : the writer of one of the prophetic books of the Old Testament
2 : one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight; especially : an inspired poet
3 : one who foretells future events : PREDICTOR
4 : an effective or leading spokesman for a cause, doctrine, or group
5 Christian Science a : a spiritual seer b : disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth

05-19-2003, 01:03 PM
What do you think the purpose of assasinating then promoting Him was/is?

05-19-2003, 05:10 PM
didn't his own people wanted him crucified? crucifixation was not an uncommon thing. He had 2 thieves on the side of him. His death is not what is celebrated, but his rising from the dead. therefore, i don't think that he was assasinated. I feel the point that you are trying to make.
His death was foretold hundreds of years before his birth by Isaiah. Oh, he was hanged on a tree too, thus, he was cursed according to Hebraic standards.

05-20-2003, 11:17 AM
Medusa, you're describing a "regime change." How appropriate for this day and age. I'd imagine this tactic has been used since the beginning of time.