View Full Version : My Protective Style Challenge And Routine

09-04-2004, 06:49 AM
So far I'm about 4 days away from wearing these Kinky Twists Extenstions for a Full Month. I've gotten a lot of compliments on them, even from Strangers off the street! A lot of people were trying to figure out how they were done, and I told them. A lot of people were/are very interested about these Kinky Twists! :razz

*Here's my routine*

1.)I wash my hair every 2 weeks with Shampoo, and I spray diluted Shampoo on my scalp and the rest of the Extenstions.

2.)Afterwards I let my hair sit in a Dry Towel for about 5-10 min. until damp, then I'll Spray some "Better Braids Braid Spray"(Which by the way makes my hair smell like Coconut, Mmmmm) And then right afterwards, I spray some Olive Oil Sheen Spray on my Hair and Scalp.

3.)Then I put my Hair Bonnet on and just let dry. They always look more fresher when they're washed and set this way but they seem to get a little Fuzzier and Frizzier(Is that the same thing?) each time, But it's not too much of a Problem.

4.)About every 2-4 days I spray my hair with the "Better Braids Spray" And "ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray" Nightly and Sleep in the Bonnet(Obviously lol!)

So anyways, my hair has the Fuzz, but I have no Problem with that because it gives them that Natural Look, but I know people can tell by my New Growth which is Black, in contrast to the Light-Brown Streaks the extensions are. I want to get my edges re-done with some of the twists that have a lot of hair sticking out of them re-done as well. I want to keep these in until December. And so far so good, thanks for making up this Protective Style Challenge realbme and all the others. :) :razz :thumbsup :d) 8)