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09-16-2004, 01:09 PM
Bom Dia Todos!

As I have already posted on the board, I had my locz started last Friday with comb twists; and since my hair is of a "softer texture" I was told that I would have 2 b patient because it would take a while 4 it 2 really loc. I was also told not 2 get my hair wet b/c it would cause the twist 2 unravel (really been crankin' up the ac during my workouts 2 minimize the sweat factor...lol).

My question is this: What would u ladies (seems 2 me that the majority of u r women, which is kewl with me b/c the support and advice on this site keeps a bruh on point as I start this journey...lol) reccommend I use 2 keep my scalp clean n between maintenance sessions?

Any feedback/suggestions would b greatly appreciated.

09-16-2004, 03:31 PM
If you are not washing your hair use an astringent for your scalp. At least your scalp will be clean and not clogged. My loctician once recommended that I use Neutrogena or Clean&Clear ( you know the stuff for the face!) it does help clean and also if you have the itchies! HTH

09-16-2004, 03:37 PM
Muito Obrigado 4 the advice jaykiss79...'preciate it :thumbsup

09-21-2004, 01:45 PM
Just my humble opinion based on my own experiece. Clean hair locks faster. Water is your friend. :)

09-21-2004, 05:28 PM
Thanks 4 the advice Bellybutton...I'm really trying 2 excercise patience with this process (a bruh is not known 4 being the most patient person at all...lol...that's another reason y I need 2 c this through), but I'm apprehensive about trying 2 wash b/c I don't want them 2 unravel on me.

I some o' my peeps have suggested that I try washing with a stockin' cap on. Has anyone on this board (with softer hair texture) tried that? Did it work 4 u (as far as keeping the comb twists from unraveling)?

09-23-2004, 12:00 AM
I have soft hair, too, VuuDuu.
I shampoo once a week, and now maintain my locs myself.

But for the first 8 weeks, I saw a loctician every 2 weeks.....
believe me, going 2 weeks w/o shampooing was hell with all that beeswax in my hair!

While I am grateful to him for starting my locs, I ultimately decided to maintain my own hair because I felt that beeswax wasn't good for my soft hair. Too heavy. (Sorry, I digress.)

Anyway, I have used the product Alkalol to clean my scalp between the locs. You can order this from a pharmacy...comes in a pint bottle.

(I've never shampooed with a stocking cap.
Can you rinse thouroughly with it on?
If anyone has, please post!
I'd love to try it to preserve my soft twists.)

But I have used a mesh cap from Sally's Beauty Supply called a Twists and Dreads Drawstring Shampoo cap.

It's black mesh, and comes in a yellow, black and white package. I only use it if I have to shampoo again before the week is up.

For most shampoos, I pour water over my head with a plastic bucket (don't laugh....this works for me because the shower spray would disturb my twist pattern too much.)
Then I apply the shampoo with one of those shower puffs.
The advantage to this is that the puff does all the lathering so I don't have to "rough up" my twists trying to work up a good lather....I just gently finger massage the suds through my hair.

I always lather twice, always rinse very well (squeeze to check for leftover shampoo) and most times follow with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (I like a cider/water ratio of 1/7).

At this early stage of the game, (I'm 15 weeks), my shampooed hair will have its twist pattern somewhat disturbed, but at least it's clean and the twists are still there, just not as smooth looking as before the shampoo.

To keep my roots strong, I only twist every 2 or 3 weeks. So if it's a "non-twist" week, I smooth each loc with a mixture of Lily of the Desert (food grade, not cosmetic) aloe vera gel mixed with a little jojoba oil. By "smooth," I mean I wet my fingers with my concoction, and squeeze each loc with it, starting at the scalp, working to the ends.

If it's a twist shampoo, I use the same concoction, but twist gently, holding each loc with a metal clip, then sit under the dryer.

Daily maintenance is just a little almond oil, then pick up each loc from the scalp to "wake them up."

I still have stray hairs that appear about mid-week, even though I'm diligent about tying up my hair at night.
(Must be the infamous frizzy stage.)
This is hard for me, but I like my hair soft and clean, and it sure is!

09-23-2004, 10:53 AM
Muito obrigado blackangerl73...'preciate u taking the time 2 really break it down 4 a bruh... :thumbsup

I defintiely will head out 2 pick up 1 of those drawstring caps!

I've really been debating on whether I will try maintaining my locz myself. As a dude, I'm not use 2 having 2 do all that (and I don't even own a hair dryer...lol). I think alot of women are used 2 that type o' thing...hope I don't sound sexist. It would be alot cheaper 2 maintain them myself...lol. I'm thinking that I may let my loctician get them settled, and then I'll attempt 2 handle things on my own. Like I said, a bruh needs 2 learn some patience and this would go a long way n that area.

Anyway, thanks again 4 given me some good advice.

BTW, what product was ur loctician using 4 ur twists?

09-24-2004, 01:09 AM
I did use a stocking cap when I had coils and that worked for the time being. The next morning or afternoon, my hair was holding up and S.O.S. sign. I was advised (not sure if it was here on NP) that witch hazel is good for the itchies as well as seabreeze or any astringent like jaykiss said, and you can just pour that over your head or put it in your palms and pour a little at a time. At one point I did use ORS Herbal Cleanse (but this is well before I got the great advise from the peeps on NP about natural products). Best wishes. :thumbsup


09-24-2004, 01:59 AM
When I was transitioning, I wore my hair in cornrows and yes, I used a stocking cap to wash my hair. It prevented my hair from getting the fuzzies.

Since I have coils to start the loc'in process, I do not want my coils to unravel so I am letting my loctician maintanence my hair, until I can do it myself. I don't know if i helped you, but the stocking cap was good for the cornrows.

09-24-2004, 02:51 AM
@ VuuDuu,

The product my loctician used was Murray's Beeswax. (It's not pure beeswax, but a mixture.....first ingredient was petrolatum).

The good news was: the product really holds twists in place for a couple of weeks if you "heat set" by sitting under a dryer and keep the hair dry til the next appointment. (I used 2 shower caps....one inside the other, to keep my hair completely dry when showering during this stage.)

More good news: I am grateful to him for starting my locs; I could not have done that alone.

The bad news was: it was all I could do to make it from one appointment to the next without scratching my scalp to death. (gunk city!)

Years of experience with my hair has taught me that my hair does not like products like this long term......coats my hair, weighs it down, dries it out, gunks up my scalp, thus making me need to wash more often....you get the picture.

Short term, I don't think it's a problem (a month or two). But eventually, you must get it all out, and that takes more than one shampoo session.

Hopefully, some of the loc veterans will weigh in on this one.....I've had natural hair for years, but've only had locs for weeks.

09-24-2004, 12:05 PM
@ blackangel73...was it the "black beeswax"? A girl used that 2 twist my hair last year (b/c she said I needed something that would hold) and it was awful!!! It kept smearing all over my pillow cases and my shirts (even when I wore a do-rag 2 cover it)!!!

So far, I haven't really had any itchies and my hair isn't funky or anything. I'll let my loctician wash it when I go back 2 c her after the 1st month is up (I got them done on 9.10.04). Feeling through my hair, I can definitely feel "puffiness" at the scalp, but it seems as though most of the initial twists are still in place (the jamaican mango & lime gel that my loctician used has really held up nicely). The "puffiness" is either a result of the twists unraveling some at the root of the locz or my hair has just grown out since i got them done (peeps r usually amazed at how fast my hair grows...lol).

Another quick question ladies: Is it true that putting lemon juice on softer textured hair will help it 2 loc faster?

09-25-2004, 02:42 AM
@ VuuDuu:

No, the beeswax wasn't black.......it was a yellow-orange color.

About the lemon juice, I don't know.

But I do know that conditioning shampoos will hinder the locing process
(at least in myself).

Those formulas that smooth the hair too much will encourage stray hairs.
Since the idea of locing is to tangle, not to smooth.

With this in mind, I bought shampoo that is actually made for oily hair. I used it to get all the beeswax out.

(I like to have at least two shampoos so I'm not using the same one all the time.