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01-25-2005, 11:11 PM
So i have been growing the perm out of my hair for i think about 8 months now and i just got the last of the perm cut out last month.
For the first few months of growing i wore extenstions (done poorly by my mom), since then i have been flat ironing my hair. My natural hair is not very long yet, not long enough to do a lot of the cute styles i've seen on the website.

I had kind of a curly 'fro going that i did with a few rollers and some styling gel and i thought i looked pretty cute and was all set to face the world with the debut of my natural hair....

But then my aunt and grandmother got a look at it and pretty much discouraged me from ever walking out of the house looking like i did. Then i got to thinking about work, and since i work at a medical clinic in a predominantly white suburb, thought that perhaps it wasn't the best thing at a professional setting.

But now i'm stuck. I don't know if i should keep flat ironing it until it grows longer, b/c all the heat is damaging and it might not even grow much longer, not to mention the constant maintenance and the risk of moisture in the hair. Rain is like kryptonite.

In addition i am a young college student and there is a lot of pressure from guys in my school who tend to only want women with the long weaves that are in the rap videos....

Am i doomed to a life of insecurity?

01-25-2005, 11:19 PM
As far as styles go........There are plenty of cute styles that you can do with short hair. Go to the Online Photo Album Links forum. My album also has styles I used to do with about 3-4 (I think even less) of hair and I never straighted it then. It's in the First year album.

For the flat ironing....I am pm'ing you

01-25-2005, 11:55 PM
Girl, you have to get to a point in your life where you are comfortable with yourself. If you love yourself for who you are don't worry about what other people think. I work as a nurse in a doctor's office with only 5 black people out of 40 something. Of course I think about what is said to a certain degree ( no one wants to be insulted and I don't want to be told it's unprofessonal) But in a world where the standards are set by white people, how can they rightfully say you can't wear your hair certain ways as long as it's clean and kept up? My hair is natural and about 3-4 inches long maybe. I wear twists and twist -outs. As far as those brainwashed brothers, if they can't appreciate a black woman's natural beauty, you don't need them anyway. Keep your head up my sister. flaunt what God blessed you with.


01-27-2005, 08:45 PM
Not trying to be funny, but I don't think you are ready to be natural. Take a moment to think about why you REALLY want to be natural. There is no pressure to be natural or permed. You should do what you feel most comfortable with your hair and your appearance. Be patient with yourself and try not to be so hard on yourself. This is a journey. No matter which journey you choose, you will learn alot about yourself.