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02-14-2005, 10:40 PM

I recently decided to start my own home base business. I wanted to do this for several reasons.

1. Get out of debt.
2. Be able to quit my full time job.
3. Help people have a healthy lifestyle

The products are all natural nutritional products and herbals alternatives. The company is called GNLD and it's being around for over 45 years. The company has ZERO debt. The products have a 100% money back guaranteed. I used to go to bed tired and get up tired but that all changed with Tre-en-en. My children are on the product too. So I'm not trying to push something that I don't use on a regular basis.

When I see people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight issues and stress, going through chemo, I know the products will help. But it seems like people in our community will pay for what they want and beg for what they need. What I mean is that we will buy nice cars, homes, clothes, insurance but when it comes to our health we are not willing to invest in it. Not until we are at death door. How do I get people to see that we need to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to our body? After all it’s these temples that are going to take us into the next decade... NOT what we wear, drive or live in. Any suggestions???