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02-27-2005, 01:40 PM
There's a new crop of race comedy around. I was so thrilled when I first saw the Chapelle Show. I thought, "This is what people need to hear. It's in-your-face so you can't ignore the reality of the message. It's funny, so people will want to watch."

But Chapelle's concept has been appropriated by others. I read the VH1 thread on various Black satire (Ghetto Pass, etc). I saw a MAD TV episode last night where they have this on-going skit called "Inside Looking Out" with a WW/BM interacial couple. The WW is so blatantly racist, but the BM never sees it. She was singing a lulaby to a baby using words like "Mammy" and "Massa." It began to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

In a way, I believe that we have to confront our issues with race as a nation. And I know SOME folk won't look at a problem if it's too difficult for them to digest. (Some people could not watch hours of PBS just to learn about the impact of institutionalized racism on Black America). Comedy opens up important issues for dialogue. It may make people question their reality when they never would have done such a thing before.

I guess my question is how far is too far? Do you think the adverse effects of race comedy outweigh the benefits?

02-27-2005, 01:42 PM
Most of the comedy of Chapelle to me seems to be an "in your face" monologue of what "WE" and "THEM" think about "US" and "THOSE" anyway.....

He just has the guts to put it on Front Street.

02-27-2005, 02:57 PM
To me, yes I think black comedy could use a facelift, all in all I think it hurts us. because the majority of black comedians do primarily racial jokes. There is no mystery or diversity in black humor so basically when a person of nonblack origins goes to see a comedian who is black they know that they are about to hear an onslaught of foul language, put downs, insinuations about how everyone(especially whites) view us, how they are supposed to view us, and even more about black women.

In my view, in light of comedians most racial stereotypes can begin solely on how people think we view ourselves. no other comedians put down their women as much as black comics.
Aside from that all of this just tends to fit into the "angry blackperson genre" but since black people love it so much why should any non black person ever doubt even the validity of these jokes, even if it is just a joke.

Sometimes when Im viewing SOME black comedians, Im sitting there thinking? thats not funny, its just a bunch of cursing and put downs on our race, is that supposed to make me laugh. and then there is the reverse racial stereotyping that dosent challenge white people to look at themselves and their passive superior predjudice attitudes but only serves to show that we still view them as superior to us and that we're ok with them being that way because thats just what white people are to us. We like acting out like we are so different from them so thats what they internalize as well. Sure we look different from each other and cultrally there are diffrences., but we aggressively seek out the roles of the oppressed in black comedy so they just chalk it up to, I dont understand black people , theyre just so different from me, we cant get along but they sure are funny! they may laugh at the jokes but inside we have just empowered their thinking to beleive that this is the way things are and we're ok with it.

I know we all have outer and cultural differences but inwardly
we have basically the same tendencies. We all want to be happy, we all want to get something better out of life, when were happy we laugh when we're sad we cry its all the same. but "we" have to make it seem like we just want shallow, superficialities.

It used to be where Stereo types were made up about blacks
and they werent true but now its like black people are embracing all of these stereotypes, confirming that what they think about us is true and usually its all negative stuff.

We may laugh and so may they but these are the walls that keep racial tensions between us and them. so the next time you wonder why youre being subjected to racial profileing, or someone makes a statement about how black people are like this or that. You know where it came from. but we are ok with it right?

They called us names like ni****, and made us sit at the back of the bus, and tried to keep us from educating ourselves, they used to be wrong about who we were because we didnt accept what they told us, but now, we want to perpetuate all these negative things because now we have a choice in the matter.
Massa gave us a choice! We seem to be so thrilled that the only people who can call us demeaning names (which I may add came from them, not us) like ni**** is ourselve but we just improved it by taking off the "er" and addindg an a. (yeah now it ours :rolleyes: ), yeah we want to sit on the back of the bus but "WE" just dont want you to tell us to do it. No, they cant tell us that we are uneducated nooooo, even though many of us think its cool or cute or whatever to speak almost completely in slang and lazy made-up terms. No, Because WE's intellygent blak folkz, we wont errbody to lizzen up to wut we got tuH say
U beta not be tellin uz we unedjumicated.