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02-28-2005, 02:27 PM
This administration is making enormous mistakes. The President is jumping into things so hap-hazardly without a plan. Most of his ideas seem to not have long term thought on how it would effect society in the long run. Both wars that we are involved in I feel where inpulse decisions without long term plans or a clue on how these actions would impact the future. This President has sent jobs over seas without understanding the impact it would have here at home. We have this dangerous man in office surrounded by people that don't have a clue of what tomorrow will bring and we sit here and do NOTHING... Voting is not enough.. We as a people had more of an inpact on America when we could not VOTE.

You know.... This is black history month and I am a documentary freak. I love to see our history. There has been many days that I have sat and felt ashamed of us as young black African Americans. Here we are THE DECENDENTS OF such a magnificent people.. But we lay idel while our generation deteriorates. I feel a sorrow in my heart for what our ancestors may think of us. "Look at them laying back quietly while the world runs on auto piolet stripping their souls apart one by one without recourse. Where is our fight? Where is our dignity for our people. Are we so confortable in our skin that when faced with transgressions that we look the other way? Where is our obligation to our children, our future? After all, isn't that why Martin Luther King and the thousands of other blacks sat at those lunch counters and boycotted those busses. For us....FOR US............Now what are we doing for the generation after us how are we paving their way.. How are we making their world a better place...

I weap... I weap for my weakness... I weap for my daughters world that I had no impact on to make it a better place for her... I weap for our people.

This was an email I wrote to one of the Nappturality members and she suggested that I involve the Nappturality family...

I would love to see all of your feelings on this issue