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05-31-2005, 08:36 AM
Anyone want to adopt me? :help:

It's late and I'm trippin!

:lol: LOL :lol:

Seriously, if anyone wants to donate to the Keep-aSistah-out-of-the-plasma-bank-summer school fund. Feel free to PM me! Summer session classes at my school are about 268 darn dollars per per credit hour! -_-

*sigh* I've got to beat this insomnia so I can get up and be all smiles at the children�s museum :D, so I don't get fired and evicted. :unsure:

Seriously though, I have two jobs, but I need some extra income. How do yall make extra money?

I looked at these old postings but wanted to see if anyone had any new ideas.
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I was thinking about doing some loc maintainence for folks on the side....