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06-29-2005, 08:31 AM
i've used vegetable glycerine for years and i used to press about once every month now i have major breakage and don't know what to do, do any one have any natural remedy i have aphogee treatment for damaged hair but it doesn't say it would remedy this problem on natural hair. please help :doh :Angry_boese008:

06-29-2005, 08:45 AM
are you thinking its the glycerine that's caused the damage..i'm sure it was the heat. you will probably need to do a good trim of your ends to get rid of damage or do a chop if the breakage is excessive. i'm not sure there is a product that will really reverse heat damage... sorry!

06-29-2005, 09:09 AM
I have a uneasy relationship with glycerine myself. I have an irrational fear about it drying out my hair eventually, although I have to admit that it really works at moisturizing the hair well. Also, all the moisturizers that have worked well for me contain lots of glycerine (is high on the list of contents). This breaking, does it happen while detangling or when? You could also check whether you still follow the same method to detangle, maybe you are doing something these days that you didn't do before, like maybe detangling dry hair, or something. Am interested in your final conclusion, coz I do use glycerine baased products a lot too.
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06-29-2005, 09:39 AM
i used glycerine for moisture and i burnt with it, like stillnappy said i'm sure it was the heat i dont think the glycerine has a property to seal the cuticle or hair fiber from the heat , what luck,it was amazingly soft during the process but it would dry out after a couple of days beside cutting i'm going to have ta do what would add moisture to my strands i've tried shea butter for awhile then went on to aloe but as usual it still dried out after a day or two

06-29-2005, 01:14 PM
ok...so let me make sure that I understand what you are saying (darn word filters!!!) You used the glycerine as a type of p.ressing wax or something while you p.ressed your hair? Is this correct? If so there are several things that are wrong with this picture

1. The glycerine is not what caused the breakage and damage...its the heat

2. No amount of shea, conditioner, natural remedy will repair damaged hair. Sorry, but you will eventually have to cut those damamged ends or do another big chop to get the damaged hair off

3. PLEASE stay away from the heat. Please read Dee's post on heat =Damage.

4. Glycerine is ment to be used on damp hair or hair that sees a LOT of water. Your hair felt dry after a couple of days because there wasn't any water for the glycerine to pull into the hair (which kind of defeats the purpose of p.ressing....)

06-29-2005, 04:56 PM

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06-29-2005, 05:10 PM
HEAT=DAMAGE (http://www.nappturality.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24408)

Cut the damaged hair off, it cannot be saved.