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10-31-2003, 03:31 AM
Hello, I'm new to the board my name is Ebony and I have two little girls 3 and 6. My 6yr old has 2inches of new growth and 8-9inches of relaxed. I need advice on products and styles. She has a head full of hair it is very, very thick tanglesd very easily, befor I relaxed her hair it was big and she look like Rudy Huxtable. I loved her natural hair but I wanted to make it easier to comb because she would cry at the sight of a comb or brush. She is currently in individual braids with beads. I am currently using Suave Coconut shampoo and contitioner on both girls. (recommended by a natural stylists) Her hair is doing okay so far, no breakage no dryness or brittleness I just hopes it stayts that way. I'm afraid that the more it grows out the more it will start to break. Is this true? Will I have to eventually :cen ? I hope not. Should I keep it braided until it is relaxer free or should I try different styles? I re-braid it every other weekend. As for my 3 yr old her hair is doing fine, she has very curly hair. She has what they call "good hair" is there a such thing lol? Her hair has to be put into ponytails every morning. Any info would be helpful. thanx in advance........ ~ebony~

10-31-2003, 04:23 AM
as far as your six year old, keep her ends trimmed. (monthly) and invest in a denman d3 brush. i wish i had discovered this brush before i loc'd my daughters hair. it combs through the thickest, curliest hair. just brush through her hair when it is wet and then style. after her hair has grown out a bit more, you can do 2 strand twist. i've done it on grown out relaxed hair before, i just had to use gel.

as far as your two year old is concerned. she may have "good hair" now but that may not stay that way. my daughter had hair similar to a puerto ricans up until around 4-5, then her hair started to get thicker and thicker. when she was two, a spray bottle of water and a scrunchie and we were in business. 4-5 it was similar to ludicriss's hair texture wise (but their was trauma and distress at having her hair done for so long) so then she elected to get loc's. (her nana had them)

anyway being on this board will definetly help and don't forget the d3, it is a godsend believe.


11-01-2003, 06:49 AM
Thanx 4 replying Teeky. Do I find the Denman at my local beauty supply? What about a drying method, most of the time I braid it wet. I have used a blow dryer on a cool setting but I was told not to do that. Her hair seem very strong and durable I just pray that it stays this way during the transition.

What's a good product to use on my 3yr old? Right now I am using a coconut grease and I think its too greasy. I used to use Just For Me Pink Oil and her hair would be so dry by the next morning. I even tried the Motions pink oil and that it was a NIGHTMARE,lol. I am thinking her her will probably stay the curly texture, being that my mom is 50%black, 25%white, and 25%native american. All three of my brothers boys have this same texture. I need to find a product that will not weigh down her hair. I two stranded her hair this morning, I use ORS lock and twist gel but that made them hard. Even though they look beautiful they are too hard.

Medusa Negrita
11-01-2003, 06:49 PM
Hi and welcome to board :)

I guess I'll start by answering this specific question -
I'm afraid that the more it grows out the more it will start to break. Is this true? Will I have to eventually ? I hope not. Should I keep it braided until it is relaxer free or should I try different styles?

Is your goal to keep her hair relaxed because you think it's more easily managed in that condition? Or to eventually grow it out and get her back to natural? When you say 'until it gets relaxer free' - are you planning on keeping the braids in until all her hair grows back out? If that's the case, then yes, it will break the longer her new growth comes in and with the manipulation you put on it (no matter how much). New growth (natural) hair is usually stronger than relaxed hair, and the stage where relaxed meets natural is a 'stress' point that is going to be prone to breakage. You most likely will have to cut it. You can trim it as you go along, but if the breakage becomes to severe, you probably have do a major cut at the stress point (where perm meets natural).

I love plaits and braids, almost swear by them. They keep the hair moisturized, keep it from getting tangled, drying out, and last long. Cornrows are good too for the same thing. I do hair about once week, and usually redo only at the time of washing because the water softens the hair for easier combout. If I need to comb before a washout (perhaps due to excessive tangles or loosen dirt) then I may do a dentangler mist on section of the hair before washing. You can use a commercial dengler or just water mist. Commerical products I like are Parnevu T-Tree Leave in Conditioner (which I use first after washing. After good as a general moisteriser) and Miricle Oil Moisteriser (MOM) (which I use 2nd after the Parnevu). I don't really makea lot of homemade products, but I like to mix commercial prods (such as the above I just mentioned) with some melted down butters (shea and mango perhaps) maybe with an oil like sweet almond or johaba (sp?).

I don't have much to say about the Denman, I'm strickly take it or leave it. I have a firm boar bristle that I 'wore in' that I much better prefer. As for shampoos and conditioners, I like Abba Luxury Moisturizing because it doesn't contain sulfates, but then I bought like 10 of those for a $1 at the $1 store. It's about $8 a bottle generally. I use different less expensive brands (check out the products board for suggestions). I also use lemon juice with my shampoo and/or apple cidar vinegar after a conditioner just about every time I wash hair.

As for my 3 yr old her hair is doing fine, she has very curly hair. She has what they call "good hair" is there a such thing lol? :doh :-P It can take anywhere from 1-5 years for a child to get their full head of 'mature' hair (at least for black children, not sure about white children. It could be true for them too as I noticed that they tend to have thin, 'whispy' hair while really young that tend to thicken and darken as they get older). This doesn't particularly have anything to do with past (or immediate) racial heritage, it's really just a draw of the genetic heritage (like a black child getting natural or red hair when there's no red hair present in anyone else in the immediate or further back heritage of the child).

For more info, check out other sections on this board (mainly the hair section and the homemade and commercial products section) and I also have a site (which is surprisingly still up considered I haven't had access to the internet lately. It's at the end of all my threads and called 'Medus Negrita's Chicas').

HTH and good luck.

11-05-2003, 04:27 PM
NOTE: Make sure you give her hair a break between braiding.. (anywhere for 3 -7 days) the frequent pull on the hair will cause breakage!!

11-21-2003, 05:09 AM
Why don't you try the "no poo" method on your 6 year old. This is basically washing her hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It softens the hair and doesn't take away all of the oils and moisture like plain shampooing does.

Most likely her hair will become more dry and brittle as you grow out her relaxer. Trim the ends monthly after washing and keep it braided. You may also want to use liquid oils on her hair as oppossed to hair grease.

As far as your 3 year old, less is probably more for her hair type. I find that aloe vera gel is nice and light for twists. I use Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe vera gel which I easily find in health and beauty aid stores in the section where sun tan lotions are kept. I also make up a detangler out of distilled water, a bit of olive oil, and some essential oil (I prefer baby powder sent for my girl). I keep this home made detangler in a spray bottle and use it when I groom her hair. I think it helps her hair feel moisturized and soft without product buildup.

These are just my personal favorites that I have tried with my 2 year old daughter and 7 year old son. Both have curly hair that seem to do well with less heavy products. Good luck to you...and welcome to Nappturality :)