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08-16-2005, 10:04 PM
can anyone post links to a step by step walk or post thier own walk through the homebuying process here in bklyn, ny?

i've done alot of reading on the web but would like to hear from real live nappies

i plan to buy in spring 06 probably a 2 or 3 bed condo but am open to a single family (one of those HUD new constructions that are going up everywhere ) and are there townhouses in bklyn ? probably none that I can afford (single mom of 2 hoping find something for 250K max)


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I'm not in NY...but for GA buyers...here's what happened to me...

Just bought my home March '05.

I recommended the following book:


But here's how it happened for me:

My older manager is now a mortgage broker....i called her and said i was looking to buy a home.....

Gave her a copy of my credit report and my fiancee's....she determined what we could afford....then she hooked me up with a real estate agent....who in my opinion was "so so"...

Anyway, I told her what i was looking for and the area.
She kept taking me to parts of Georgia that were TOO far away from Atlanta. :Angry_boese008:

I spent approx. 2 months looking because i was DETERMINED not to rent again and our lease was almost up....

Finally found a house.....

Then the REAL headache started...Closing date was set...paperwork was lost....paperwork that i had turned in during the prequalifying stage had to be turned in again...missed the closing date....it wasn't our fault ..so they waved the majority of the fees....finally closed...had to sign about a HUNDRED sheets of paper...however, it was before a holiday on a friday at 3pm and we couldn't get the keys from the bank til the following monday...all of our stuff was on a truck... :angry: ...the following week...we FINALLY get the keys....

oh also to save money we rolled all of the closing costs into the loan...

Just about everyone i've talked to went through a similar experience...

Knowing what i know now...next time i will go directly to a bank, sign for a loan and then go get a house...the whole mortgage process was a headache.... :(

09-05-2005, 04:53 PM
thanks..i'm going to check out that book...i'm determined to me overflowing with info before i head into this 'adventure'

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I am looking to buy a home in spring/summer of '09. I have some debt that I want to clear up first, so that only my school loans will be on my credit report. Umm, does it work that way.

There are a few houses in my area that are being foreclosed on, and I am interested in at least 2 of them.