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10-01-2005, 02:05 PM
:) Has anyone here studied abroad in college? I am in my freshman year right now and I am very interested in it. I want to go somewhere like Paris, or Quebec, but I wanted more information on the programs first.
Could you tell me:

1) did you like it? lol
2) How much did it cost approximately
3) What kind of program did you go with, or did you just go on your own.
4) How long did you stay?

Thanks so much in advance for your help ladies. It is greatly appreciated.

10-01-2005, 03:11 PM
In '02, I went to Salvador, Brazil with my school (Temple University) for six weeks to study Portuguese and Afro Brazilian Culture... To answer your questions:

1) It was the ish! We had enough time to do what we wanted (abt. 95 % of the day), but spent enough time learning about the culture, history, and language so that what we learned helped us enjoy our time there more and full immerse ourselves in our surroundings...

2) It was a 6 credit course, and i think ea. credit was maybe 300 dollars? So about 2000, including room and board... I ended up getting a scholarship too, which went towards my spending money.

3) See above. It was a summer study abroad program. I would have liked to travel there on my own, but my professor has been going there for 20 years, so he has so much experiences and so many connections that it made it easy for us to acclimate ourselves to the city and its people and really feel comfortable while we were there. I'd recommend going with a study abroad program if it is your first time traveling abroad. Group travel does have its disadvantages (obviously, you mayn't like your group, or some of the activities that are required, or people may take advantage of the fact that they see you're tourists), but travel can really be enhanced by the people you travel with, and you can make some great friends or strengthen existing friendships.

4) Six weeks (but you knew that by now). I'm sure you know they have semester long and year long study abroad programs, and now that I've studied abroad, I would have been more willing to stay out of the country for longer... you can really learn so much and learn in a whole new way when you study abroad.

Research online a lot... there may be programs at other schools or even by private groups that you'd really enjoy. Where were you interested in studying at?

10-01-2005, 07:37 PM
A year and a half ago I made a big decision to study abroad in Japan.
My college did not have programs in that country but I still went. I found a program online for students who want to study abroad. IESabroad.org I think was the site.

IES has programs in many countries.

You have to decide how long you want to be in a country
I find that people who stay less than 3 months in a country have a different perceptiom from those who stay longer--we call it the "honeymoon" period

Do you want to go as a visitor/ tourist? Or do you want to learn the language and/ or culture?
IES gives the option to live with a family or live in a dorm

**If you want to go to Paris---you should know that in France there are usually no dorms--but I have never been there on a study abroad program from the US--(although I did live in France as a student years ago) ---IES might have dorms made in France--I don't know

I went from about Aug 25-Dec 15 to IES Tokyo
They had classes in a Japanese University with other language learners on my level using the emulsion process and also regular college classes in English with Japanese students
(for example --Political Science, History of Tokyo, etc.)--this was great because it meant that I would not have to miss a whole semester worth of work at my school in NY

Things I liked about the program was mainly the cost. It cost less than a semester at my school.
Check to see if your school will pay the program after you pay tuition so that you get your regular student aid or if you have to pay the study abroad program directly.

Many other programs charged to go on trips during vacation. IES takes everyone on a week long trip to other parts of the country for example in Japan---Okinawa or Nagano etc. The hotel, food, transportation, and activities were already covered by the program cost

Overall it renewed my love for different cultures and travel to other countries. I'll let you know that it is an amazing experience although everything is not always wonderful--you get an intimate understanding of the place+ people

10-01-2005, 08:02 PM
Ok I just looked it up
Tuition, housing +some meals and health insurance
= $13,970 for 1 semester
=$25, 180 for year
=$4,665 for summer

I guess it is kind of expensive for France but they do offer scholarships
I was also cheap and lived with a family who are suppose to provide 2 meals/ a day

IES offers semester and summer programs in France (Paris, Dijon, Nantes)---

They also allow you to sign up for an internship (which I was much too lazy to do in Tokyo but I kind of wish I had done it)

The thing about IES though is that you are still going to school. You need to take a minimum number of credits/ courses==which does not help if you just feel like going on vacation

overall I liked the program

10-02-2005, 06:53 PM
I'm looking for some information also on studying abroad in France. I went this past summer to France with a professor and 30 other studetns and I want to go back for a semester. It was a lot like kgraves program.
1) I love it but I could have done without all the other students. I meet a few new friends but the rest got on my nerves. I told myself next time I'm going by myself.
2)The cost was $3600 plus $800 for the 6 credits I earned.
3)I looked it up on the internet and went with another university and I was able to transfer the credits to my university.
4)I stayed for 5 weeks.
Would you be interested in going with a group? If you go with a group it's usually cheap. With the program I went with we stayed with a family and got 3 meals a day and also excursions which were paid for. There was a girl who went with us who lived in Virginia so if you're open to going for 5 weeks to France let me know and I'll email the professor. They raised the price to $3800 because of the gas prices.
If anyone has any information about studying abroad in France for a semester I'm interested in hearing it and the cheaper the better.