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12-10-2003, 05:06 AM
When I first went natural, I remember LBellatrix stating something to the effect that we should keep our hair virgin (and away from heat) for a full year after going natural in order to really LEARN/ANALYZE/APPRECIATE what was growing out of our scalps.

I thought it was a great idea, so I followed it. A year and two months full of virgin hair-grooming later, I must admit that I am curious about flat ironing, blow drying, and wet-setting. I even have the tools to do it with. However, I haven't done so, yet. I JUST started conditioning with heat from a bonnet dryer!

SOOOOO, I was just wondering, what have you other heat-curious ladies found helpful for distracting you from heat-styling...BESIDES FEAR and LAZINESS????

For me:
(1) Stretchage from the Denman, plaits, cornrows, or banding
(2) Length (for the same kind of protective styles I did when relaxed)
(3) plaits + sta sof fro + pick for achieving BAAs
(4) my ability to cornrow (inverted and regular), flat-twist (single and double strand), and part to achieve a seemingly endless variety of styles