View Full Version : Sista Love Natural Hair Challenge

11-27-2005, 05:35 PM
Hi Everyone,

Another comment I decided to make into a separate post. I was thinking how good it feels when someone compliments your natural hair. Sometimes it can make a big difference in how your fellow sista feels about herself (especially the newbie naturals). So often, I've found that my hair compliments don't come from other sistas. Not necessarily because we don't see the beauty but maybe because we don't think to verbalize it. So here is the challenge. For the month of December try to find a natural sista that you know or don't know each week and compliment her on her hair. All you have to say is "I like your hair" or "I love your hair". :wub: YOu don't have to get into a long drawn out conversation. We have to take responsibility for how we are viewed because no one else will. Let someone else know that you think their hair rocks. You might just make their day.

OBTW, make sure to write in about the experience. :)