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02-25-2003, 12:44 AM
i have chronic sore throats [i'm just saying that, i haven't been diagnosed :D] and i am very thankful for some kitchen/bathroom cabinet remedies. for instance, gargle with warm salt water [eating chicken noodle soup also works, b/c it's so salty and better coats your whole throat when you swallow] or diluted hydrogen peroxide. however, my new fave is 2-3 drops of warm water down each nostril. i've also been told not to drink/eat dairy products or sweets when my throat was sore. to some folks, one or all of my home remedies sound weird, but they WORK!!

what home remedies have you come across? what home remedies do you swear by? thoughts?


woops! :oops: wrong forum. i meant to put this in the Health and Wellness Forum. my sincere apologies.