View Full Version : Corporate Napptural

03-18-2006, 10:18 PM
I work for a non-profit organization, which is a very liberal place to work, unfortunately i notice that even the alternative punk rockers with pink and purple hair do not know how to deal with my napptural look.

Most of them smile (at my hair, not me); some of them ask to touch it; the worst is when they ask to touch it. LOL

I try to share my nappturality and allow some to get a feel for what natural hair is like as opposed to the things they see on tv or in magazines (re: the Dr. Miracle ads)

Truth of the matter is that I am conerned that their lack of exposure to things of this nature may hinder my progress with this org. but i do not want to jump the gun.................

we shall see said the blind man

any sistahs out there feel the same or similar?