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01-02-2004, 06:16 PM
So what say you? 8)

Did your current read(s) choose you?


Did you choose it (them)?

Please be sure to share what is it that you are reading and an explanation of what compelled you to read the book.

I'll start:

I preface by saying......I read books concurrently because I have a tendency to get bored quickly.....okay enough :blah.

Currently reading.....

Like A Natural Woman.....I chose it, because I am looking to increase my knowledge base of alternative methods to disease prevention.

Sexual Healing......I chose it, because I kept hearing a lot of praise about it.....and I must admit....I have vacillated from :) :lol :huh :smug and now, I am here..... :pop.

Boys To Men......I chose it.....rereading it for the 3rd time.

Their Eyes Were Watching God....I have not started it yet.....waiting until Monday. But I earnestly feel as though it chose me. I chose to use an audiobook, which I have never done and deliberately set out to do......but for some reason, I was drawn to this particular audiobook.

I pick it up.....and then I walk away.....then I saw Cane River......and pick it up.......but then put it down and when I did......Their Eyes was adjacent to it, which it was not before! And no, I did not put it there! :lol Nevertheless, I checked it out from the library.

What about you? :)

01-02-2004, 06:42 PM
I am currently reading:

The Sunfood diet Success System by David Wolfe. Im going to say it chose me. I have been interested in learning more about eating raw foods. For a year I've been dilly dallying about it. Then a few weeks ago I saw this sister on TV who is local to me. She said she was offering a week long class about it. We've been in contact via email and telephone. She suggested I read this book before class begins.

Zami by Audre Lord. I chose it. There are a group of women where I live who've named their organization Zami. After having conversation with these on point and very nurturing women I decided to get the book to understand the influence.

Altar of My Soul by Marta Moreno Vega. I chose it (I havent started it yet though) I am interested in learning about ATR so a fellow napp sista recommened that I start with this book.

01-02-2004, 08:12 PM
Heh, I read a lot concurrently too. I like to multitask. :) I'm reading:
Harvest of the Cold Months: The Social History of Ice and Ices. What can I say, I like to chew ice though I prefer it crushed or shaved and swimming in a favorite beverage...

North Star to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad. This book talks a lot about what escaped slaves, and blacks in general, did in Canada. This an excellent children's book and has an euually good bibliography. This is research for book I'm writing.

Black Men of the Sea. This history of black seafaring is more research. I'm focusing on whaling, but turned to this book to find non-whaling maritime ventures for my characters.

Women Sailors and Sailors' Women: An Untold Maritime History & Steady as She Goes: Women's Adventures at Sea. More research...want to make sure my heroine's adventures are believable and historically possible. The 2nd book is focuses on the present day . I’m attempting a series that follows the sole girl child in successive generations. The series starts with my colonial heroine (these are black romance adventures) and ends with the current day daughter finishing a task not completed by her great grandmother. While I’m doing all this reading for research, I’m learning about an aspect of black history I’d been totally unaware of. And to think it was a throwaway line in a book about salt that started me on this whole journey! :)

Practical Homicide Investigation You guessed it, more research. I figured I'd go to a primary source for info on serial killers and how to catch them, but this book is depressing as hell as well as making me as equally suspicious of every guy (and some ladies) I see on the street.

I plan to check out Gentleman Revolutionary (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0743223799/qid=1073075582/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/104-0264053-1072737?v=glance&s=books) when my uni library opens next week. This seems like a lot of books, but I'm a fast reader a can knock off a fat Clancy sized novel in a day.

Something that enhances my reading is using Bookdarts (http://bookdarts.com/) to mark points of interest. I read mostly for pleasure, but almost never have a pen and pencil handy to write things down OR just don't to take the time away from the story. I usually hope I can still remember what caught my interest, but know I've probably forgotten a lot of things this way. Bookdarts are a life saver because I can take notes without actually having to stop and write things downs AND I don't have to deface a book :) This is a real boon to my writing efforts because I can easily find something that was just a blip on my consciousness while reading a book. This is great for library books! If a book's from a library or is research, I type up all my "notes" when I'm done reading. I laugh to think I thought I'd be satisfied with the mere 15 I got in a bookmark from Borders. I now have 1500 of these thing and will order more since I'm happy to just leave them in my books that I own.

01-02-2004, 08:13 PM
currenly i am reading...

the chronicles of narnia by c.s. lewis... there was a cartoon that i loved when i was a child based on one of the books. i have never read it. i have an edition that has all seven books in one.

sula by toni morrison....she's one of my favorites. i am rereading this one.

autobiography of a yogi by paramahansa yogananda. he is considered the man who bought yoga to the west. i read as many yoga books as i can.

01-02-2004, 09:23 PM
I am reading....

Yoga Mali - Sri K. Jois (Author) - My yoga teacher recommended this book to learn more about Ashtanga Yoga and the benefits of its practice. I keep this book in the bathroom to read when I'm chillin' in the tub, or taking a break. :)

The Coldest Winter Ever - Sister Souljah (Author) - This one was chosen by my bookclub. We heard rave reveiws about it and how it's supposed to be a movie soon, so we're checking it out. So far it's okay, kind of dramatic and different from what we normally choose, but it holds my attention. I keep it next to the bed for "non-thinking" reading before going to sleep.

Man's Higher Conciousness - Hilton Hotema (Author) - I think this book kind of chose me. My husband and I were strolling through our local black book store when he came across this one. I read a lot about health, alternative healing and spirituality, so my husband thought I should check it out. I can't even tell you how too deep this book is for me! I've only read the first few pages, and he's already hitting me with "breatharianism" (living by breathing only). I don't think I'm ready for it. We have several books by this man that keeps us saying... whaaaat?!?! The science he drops on the metaphysical tip makes us have to put it down and take a break sometimes. His stuff takes a minute to digest! Anyway, I keep this one with me in my purse to read on breaks and lunch hour.

01-03-2004, 12:11 AM
Currently reading "Runaway Jury". I chose it. I saw the movie previews and decided I wanted to read the book prior to seeing the movie.

Next in line, "Naughty or Nice" by Eric Jerome Dickey. It chose me. I like his books and decided to buy this one during one of me & my hubby's trips to Books-a-Million; also, "Heat Seekers" by Zane- this was a recommendation by my sister.

01-03-2004, 03:29 AM
I am currently reading:

'Jonah's Gourd Vine' by Zora Neale Hurston- I chose it because I really enjoy her books. I also enjoy the dialect she uses in her writings.

Discarded Legacy by Melba Joyce- This book was actually a gift. So far so good, I will let you know the outcome.

Essays by Alice Walker- I chose this one just because.

01-03-2004, 04:01 AM
I definitely choose the books. I'm either looking to learn something more about a particular subject, get into a new area, lift myself to a higher level (mentally, physically or spiritually) or just have a good, fast read (junk food like Koontz and King).

Kicking it around the house, I've been studying up on my Tolkien some more: The Simarillion, The Lost Tales, The Lord of the Rings, etc.

In bed, I've also been working through Sacred Woman by Queen Afua

In the car, I've been trying to find new horror/suspense writers. They're mostly unknowns.

In the gym bag is a paperback in the Forgotten Realms series (fantasy) I'm reading through.

Bubble bath reading is Snow White, Blood Red - a collection of fairy tales retold with an adult treatment.

In my ever-burgeoning purse, I have Hope of Earth. Book 3 in Piers Anthony's Geodyssey saga. Novelized treatment of human development from it's very beginnings millions of years ago. Fascinating and informative.

And finally, I'm trying to get into my feng shui guidebooks. I plan on rearranging and feng shuing my apartment over the next week or so.

01-03-2004, 07:22 AM
Currently reading The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis - This book is in a collection that was given to me. I chose to read this particular book at this time but the C.S Lewis books have definitely chosen me.

Bible - John and Acts - For theology class so I guess I chose it.

The Strong-Willed Child - Dr. James Dobson - It was recommended.

The Breath of Life - Ron DelBene I chose it.

BTW - aquababie19 - I re-read Chronicles of Narnia by c.s. lewis
last year and will probably read them again this year. My three year old loves to hear me read from them.

01-03-2004, 07:56 AM
I am currently reading...

ACTING OUT by Benilde Little (She also wrote Good Hair and The Itch)

This book is about a woman caught between thelife that she thought she was supposed to have and the life she gave up.

NAPPYISMS by Linda "Mosetta" Jones
A book celebraing nappturality!


I had always been interested in the whole body approach to health. I wanted to know more information about having a holistic approach to living.