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05-03-2006, 10:52 AM
If anybody can make it to Richmond,VA from August 25-27th for the 4th Annual Happily Natural Day & Black Freedom Weekend you should! Attached below is a basic overview of the weekend, a request for natural hair models, and hotel information. Also for more info check out the site www.happilynaturalday.com (http://www.happilynaturalday.com).

Peace & Blessings,
Erika Graham

Happily Natural Day Overview :

Happily Natural Day is a vehicle through which afrikans regardless of religious ideology, political frame of reference, economic status, gender, or age can come together for the sole purpose of celebrating the fact that they are afrikan and proud of their ethnicity. Happily Natural Day specifically focuses on natural hair because women of afrikan descent throughout the globe have been taught to straighten their hair in order to conform to a european standard of beauty. To this phenomenon, HND responds "Black is Beautiful" and encourages all afrikans to "Love Thyself" with the overstanding that a nation can only rise as high as its women. Utilizing the twin pillars of informative lectures and conscious musical expression, HND achieves it's purpose annually by fusing together the most dynamic spoken word, hip-hop and soul artists of this era with leading natural health & haircare experts and afrikan scholars in the diverse realms of black consciousness. Personalities such as Neely Fuller, Dr. Llaila Afrika, Bobby Hemmitt, Rev. Phil Valentine, Malaika Cooper and Del Jones have graced the same stage as Kenya Nairobi, Queen Sheba, 13, Oktbrwrld, Brown.f.i.s.h., Laini Mataka, Heru, Melame Ganges, Farafina Kan, and Ezibu Muntu just to name a few. As a result of this specific focus on brigding the gap between information and entertainment and elder and youth, annually Happily Natural Day becomes an incubator of revolutionary thought and a catalyst for social change.

Natural Hair Models are being requested for:

The Journey Within Your Natural Essence hair show. Tryouts are on May 21st and click the link below for the flyer, and in case that does not work go to www.happilynaturalday.com for more information.

http://mail.google.com/mail/?view=att&disp...0abcba670995420 (http://mail.google.com/mail/?view=att&disp=emb&attid=0.2&th=10abcba670995420)

Comfort Inn Executive Center
7201 W. Broad Street Richmond VA 23294

Rooms are 55.99 a night plus tax starting August 25th & 26th.

Reservations Must Be Made by July 28, 2006

Organization: Happily Natural Day