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01-15-2004, 04:47 PM
I am curious to know if glycerin based products will slow down the locing process. Even though I have been locing for 4 months and have tremedously reduced my use of products, I still have a bit of the product junkie in me. There is a loc spray called Jamaican Mango and Lime Gro Spray which is basically a lot of good oils, but it moisturizes the hair and makes it really soft because it has glycerin in it.

I know locs arent supposed to be soft like loose hair, but I do like the idea of my locs having a little extra moisture and being soft.

What do you ladies (and guys) think?

01-15-2004, 05:54 PM
I think it might cause buildup down the road. Try to use jojoba oil and water if you need moisture. HTH

Peace and Napptural hair grease :rainfro

03-08-2004, 07:13 PM
Do any of you mature heads use glycerine on your locs? I've read that it is thick & syrupy so I'd assume you'd dilute it w/water (if it's water soluble...). Do you use it as part of a moisturizing mix? Looking for humectants and considering this one...

I'm having a bit of a loc emergency now. For the past two weeks my hair is refusing to let moisture in & hold it. It's hard & dry & I don't understand why. I've resorted to drenching my hair with water about every other day just to keep it from being crunchy. Now, that's something I never did b/c (1) it wasn't ever necessary and (2)some sections of my hair hug too much and I didn't feel like separating my locs every time they got wet.

This is my routine:

1. Wash w/Dr Bronner's Eucalyptus castille soap
2. spray locs w/chamomile + nettle tea mix
3. apply heavily diluted aloe gel w/lavendar EO to loc sections (just apply to hand and squeeze a group of locs)
4. Dab some oil into palm of hand and squeeze a group of locs
5. separate locs
6. oil neccessary parts of scalp

*hot oil treatment occasionally -> every 3-4 weeks
*I don't do ACV routinely. It doesn't seem to do anything for me and I don't use many products so I don't see a need for clarifying.

That routine worked really well since I started it, until now...

I can't think of anything that I could've changed or something that happened that may have contributed to this problem.. Except a weather change perhaps (one week ice & snow, next week everyone's in shorts with the A/C on). I never protect my hair from the elements either - never bothered me... Maybe I've been using that Eucalyptus shampoo too long. I've been on it for....almost a year probably (maybe even longer). I usually change up more often.

I'm can't figure this thing out and I'm about to stick my nose into my old natural haircare books to see if I can come up with a solution. I'm also questioning my use of oils too...and whether or not they are as beneficial as I thought they were.

I did a hot oil yesterday to help it out, but that didn't do a thing. Not a thing! :oops: My next step is to clarify, change shampoos (go with Dr Bronner's aloe soap) and get a commercial protein conditioner and start at square one.

Soooo.......if ANYONE has any advice for me, PLEASE GIVE IT! :) Thanks!