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01-25-2004, 12:40 AM
I recently cut all of my hair, on November 24th, 2003--
i now sport a twa. It's now 1" 1/2 long depending on the area... my hair is healthy and keep on growing.

I first tried to do dreads (locs) on my own and mix 3 methods together-- I first tangled the hair (like most european silky hair would do-cause i still had a full head of perm)-- then back comb it-- then braided it (only the tips) and then lacthook the dread. All were about 1" x 1" square. You have to know that my hair was not naturel but permed -- all permed!! and colored it (just before dreading) to light brown-- The colore did not take-- so i bleach it-- Now that i had the dreads on my head-- i did not like it to be that color anymore-- it was so dead looking!! So 2 weeks later--i colored it again this time jet black... :-?

Well girls!! I was having so many compliments on it!! Everybody from my co-workers to friends-- all like it-- but in the back of my mind-- i knew-- if i am going to go for the long run-- this ain't the way :sleep -- just a quick fix!!

So in October i got another perm :doh -- just so i could go away in vacation with my husband to the Dominican Rep.-- and as soon as i came back-
a month later-- i cut all my hair!! :cen -- to a buzz cut!!
Mini Mini twa (i guess)

Phew!! so here i am!! Now 2 months today. I am naturel. I am free. :app

I have taking pictures and in a few months i will start posting some of my pics-- and write about my journey au naturel..

Thanks for all of you that inspired me--
so now i ask a lot of questions-- and will try to keep minimum product to my hair.

01-25-2004, 12:51 AM
interesting story, cleosimba! are you planning to lock up once you get some more length, or are you going to enjoy your loose, napptural hair for awhile?

01-25-2004, 01:16 AM
That's a good question... Will i loc or not?
My scalp is very tender-- probably due to previous chemicals that my head had to endure for 15++ years. So will i lock- Yes.

Locking is the reason of me being first au "naturel"-- I just feel that way-- I did consider not locking and enjoying this hair freedom-- like today-this morning- i pressed my hair-- i know only 1 1/2" of hair!! but i did it. yeah... i have been playing with the naps a little--but my calling is into the "locs".

I use to have braids for many many years (back and forth with the perm) and really like the look and low maintenance of them.

Now i want to have the real thing--
To me locs it very similar to braids-- except it's all natural and it's yours. ++ i want to show the world-- ^^
"My hair is kinky, it's beautiful and yes it can grow too!!

: )

01-25-2004, 02:59 AM
Wow you have been on adventure already...hehehe...I can't wait to see pictures.