View Full Version : Nature's Gate, Sulphur 8, African Pride & Carol's Daught

03-05-2003, 05:21 AM
My husband is 2 years loc'd and I am 5 years natural. I'm twist 97% of the year. 3% pressed during winter only.

Here is a list of products we use:

We: Nature's Gate Rainwater Hair Care line

Me: Sulphur 8 Shampoo and Hair Grease for flaky scalp.

Me: 1/2 Infusium 23 with 1/2 African Pride Hair & Scalp Spray for leavin conditioning.

Me: After every wash African Pride Magical Gro. All other times I use Hot Six Oil Spray.

He: Carol's Daughter Loc Butter

I started to loc for 3 months but I couldn't deal without the option of combing, bushing and pressing my hair.
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