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03-01-2007, 03:18 PM
to start my transition i decided to braids but i am now reconsidering that because my edges have been thinning for a while. My edges sometimes hurt and feel like someone has been pulling on them. when i look at them in the mirror, it lookes like they have been pulled on when i pull my hair back to get a closer look. its not like i pull it hard when i pull it back i barely even grasp it. i thought by going natural, it would grow back but from looking at other posts, this is not always the case.
Now my question is do i want to get braids when there is a chance that i can make my condition worse. but if i dont get braids i dont how i will want to transition. and i usually wear my hair down or in low ponytails so i am not pulling it too much. i still want to know why my edges hurt at the most random times. sometimes when my hair is not even in a style or all over the place.
does any have this same problem or have any advice.
should i still get my yarn twists?
If i shouldnt, what other transitioning styles can i wear?
do you have any any remedies for my edges
i havent gone to the dermatoligist yet but i think it can be serious
there is some hair there but it is thin and it is short and breaking and it looks as if it has been pulled
but i havent worn braids in a year

03-02-2007, 03:57 PM
i would show you a picture of the yarn twists but i sont know how to post them

Whitley Gilbert
03-02-2007, 04:07 PM
If your hairline is thinning and hurts often, I would NOT opt for any type of extension style that pulls on the hairline. It will only make it worse.

When I transitioned, I wore roller sets in various styles, loose, updos, with a scarf or other accessories. Maybe this is an option for you.

You can also consider other doing styles with your own hair, like twists and braids and adding rollers to the ends to secure them. Check out the transitioners' section for more ideas. Just stay away from the extensions. Please. :(

Also, search the homemade products forum for the word "growth". You can find lots of recipes and mixtures that are said to stimulate the scalp and promote growth. Rosemary and peppermint oils come to mind first.

HTH and Good luck.