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05-26-2007, 05:18 PM
I didn't want to keep littering the last name thread with my updates, so here we are.

My paternal grandmother's name was Onnie Mae Curley. She married Andrew Batte, and had my father, Kinard Jackson Batte. (She remarried later and her name at death was Onnie Mae Pegram)

She had a sister, Doretha (sp?) Curley, who married a Richard Mason. Their children are: Richard, Ernest, Linda, James, Carrie and Carol.

The Mason's ended up in Pittsburgh, but I don't know how they got here. My grandmother lived in Stony Creek all her life.

I'm hitting a brick wall on this side of my family, so if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it! :)

06-04-2007, 07:22 AM
This is where going to paper trail will help sort out some of the confusion and hopefully give more insight. You would now need to go to the Town Hall of Records, and request all if any of the following, birth, marriage, and death certificates relating to your grandmother. From there you can get more records relating to your great-grandparents and so forth. Just keep in mind, that has you go further back into history obtaining such records will get difficult.

For example, when my mother went to get the birth certificate for her mother (my grandmother). My grandmother's name was spelled wrong, the year of her birth was listed as 1916 and/or 1917 (yeah, like that is possible) and she was listed as a feemail (female). We speculate that the 2 birth years are on there because she was born in one year, but the birth record was not filed until a year later.

06-04-2007, 07:45 AM
yeah..I know I have to locate the paper. I thought I might put some feelers out to see if I could come across anything. :)