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03-19-2003, 08:18 PM
Cross posting b/c it would be helpful here as well (originally posted by twisted nubian).

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Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 9:48 am Post subject: Oils, butters, herbs


I'm not sure if this information has been posted before. If it has, I apologize for duplicating. I've read many posts about essential oils/herbs. Some know the uses of them all, some know a little and others know nothing. So, I decided to help a little by writing down some uses as it pertains to hair. Many have dual roles.

Oily scalp
Peppermint / Bergamot/ Witch hazel/ Basil/ Yarrow/
Eucalyptus/ Lemongrass/ Rosemary/ Thyme

Thyme/ Balsam Tolu and Peru/ Chamomile/ Comfrey/
Lemongrass/ Tea tree oil/ Camphor/ Citrus rinses/ Eucalyptus/Myrhh/ Sage/ Lemon juice

Almond oil/ Chamomile/ Basil/ Cocoa butter/ Glycerin/
Lecithin/ Castor oil/ Avocado oil/ Comfrey/ Aloe vera/
Shea butter/ Lanolin/ Apricot oil/ Jojoba

Hair Loss
Jojoba oil/ Nettle/ Calendula/ Horsetail/ Kelp/
Rosemary/ Coltsfoot/ Sage/ Rose hip seed oil

Hair Growth
Camphor/ Coltsfoot/ Nettle/ Sage/ Dandelion/Lavendar/ Aloe vera/ Basil/ Rose hip seed oil/
Horsetail/ Kelp/ Rosemary/ Jaborandi/ Thyme/
Burdock root/ Avocado oil

Scalp Soothers
Chamomile/ Comfrey/ Aloe vera/ Olive oil/ Sage/
Camphor/ Jasmine/ Almond oil/ Avocado/ Eucalyptus

Sage/ Rosemary/ Horsetail/ Calendula/
Tea tree oil/ Jojoba/ Neroli oil/ Olive oil/ Goldenseal/ Hysop/ Evening primrose/ Garlic/
Patchouli/ Burdock root

Cell Rejuvenation
Echinacea/ Comfrey/ Lavender/ Rose hip seed oil/
Calendula/ Aloe/ Papaya

Lavender/ Rose hip seed oil/ Ginseng/
Coltsfoot/ Rosemary/ Jojoba oil/ Avocado/ Papaya/Castor oil/ Evening primrose/ Coconut oil/ Sandalwood/ Borage

Jojoba oil/ Sage/ Burdock root/ Thyme/ Nettle/
Lavender/ Kelp/ Almond oil/ Evening primrose/
Rosemary/ Eucalyptus/

Lemon juice/ Peppermint/ Rosemary/ Sandalwood/
Witch hazel/ Sage/ Tea tree oil/ Yarrow/ Nettle/
Sage/ Chamomile/ Lavender/ Balsams

Not all of these will work the same for everyone. But somewhere along the way, someone has found the use of these help to achieve a goal. I hope this is helpful to at least one person.