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07-07-2007, 03:46 PM
I just wanted to pass along some information that I got from the herbalist that I went to see this past week. I noticed in a thread that Dee started in the main forum that there are a lot of women who experience itching, irritation, and/or pain at the scalp. When I went to see a dermatologist, he called it scarring alopecia. However, the meds he prescribed didn't really work out for me. So, I went to an herbalist after seeing a post by tempted2dred. Herbal medicine treats the whole body, not just parts of it. The herbalist that I saw told me that I had a two fold problem. One, I was missing about a quart of blood. Two, I was missing some hyaluronic acid under the scalp that would drastically reduce the pain and inflammation if it were replaced. After looking up this information on various websites and also that of Dr. Tillotson, I have found that this ailment usually begins with a problem in the blood and the liver (and sometimes the kidneys). Excessive heat of the liver can cause this kind of inflammation.

If you are experiencing no or slow growth at the crown of your head, you may be affected by a blood deficiency as well. Take a look at this article (http://oneearthherbs.squarespace.com/diseases/nourishing-the-blood-to-treat-hair-loss.html).

I also found this paragraph on his site in an article called Removing Heat and Inflammation from the Blood (http://oneearthherbs.squarespace.com/diseases/removing-heat-and-inflammation-from-the-blood.html).

• Skin inflammation- choose from burdock root, dandelion root or leaf, moutan, neem, red clover blossom, red peony root, sarsaparilla and turmeric root. If there is deficiency, use dang gui root, gotu kola, raw rehmannia root, shilajatu or shou wu root. Skin inflammation sometimes yields to one or two days of bowel flushing with laxatives like rhubarb root or castor oil. For topical treatment, apply fresh aloe vera gel or aloe preparations with olive oil, black tea bags, or castor oil. For itching, use tinctures with menthol crystals derived from mint oils.

If you can't see an herbalist right away, here's some information I found on the web for natural remedies (http://www.diseasesatoz.org/home-remedies/blood-deficiency.html) to help with blood deficiency:

Natural Home Remedies For Blood Deficiency
•Take 2 teaspoons of amla juice and mix it with two teaspoonfuls each of honey and lime. Add 1 teacup water and drink on an empty stomach every morning. Whenever fresh fruits are not available, dried amla can be used. Soak 1 tablespoon the previous night in a cup of water. (Note: The treatment should continue for at least 120 days to achieve expected results.)
•Mix 1 tablespoon juice of amla with a ripe mashed banana and eat twice or three times a day.
•Soak 2 or 3 dried figs (anjeer) in 1 teacup water. Eat them along with milk next morning for a month.
•Beets are very important in the cure of Blood Deficiency.
•Honey also plays an important role in improving the health. Lemon and honey or apple cider vinegar is highly beneficial when taken during morning.
•Dang gui -- Also known as Chinese angelica root, dang gui nourishes and tonifies blood

There are also foods that help with blood deficiency like eggs, carrots, grapes, beef, asparagus, potato, etc. If you can do a google search on it, that will help.

I just wanted to pass on some of the information that I have found. I hope this helps someone. :)

Be well.

07-11-2007, 07:00 AM
Hi Sbrown...I love watching your journey as we have similar issues so i'm curious...What did the herbalist prescribe or suggest for your lack of hyaluronic acid? Is there a natural rplcmnt remedy...i've only heard of synthetic solutions such as restyline for this issue.

BTW i'm still pressing on with the Hay study remedy. I hope to create an online album at the end of the summer showing my progress.

07-17-2007, 11:07 AM
this is VERY interesting. I would have never thought to eat amla. I will have to look into this more. Thanks so much for posting this info :)