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07-15-2007, 08:46 PM
My friend wants to lock her hair. She's had a few sessions of meeting with natural stylists and they have told her that she is unable to lock her hair due to the texture. They told her that to even get it started would be a waste of her time and money. She's starting to get discouraged.. I told her that THEY may not be able to do her hair, but I do believe that any head of black folks hair is lockable..

My friend has naturally curly hair that reminds me of Chilli from TLC or Tatiana Ali from fresh prince. It reaches about her shoulders and she normally wears it blow dried straight. The starting method and care of locks will differ due to texture. So my question is how should she start her locks?

I suggested Braid-locks to her.. I've got a few questions about those.

Do those hold pretty tight or do they slip out.
Do you have to do it on dry or wet hair?
Should product be used/not used?
Can braid-locks only be done tiny or can pencil sized braids be done.. (just asking because all the pics i've seen are super small microbraid looking braided sister locks)
How long does it take before they stop looking like braids, and start looking locked

Thanks and I'm looking forward to replies so I can help this sista out.. :P

07-16-2007, 09:17 AM

There are plenty of Caucasians that loc with bone straight hair, so it's not a matter of whether she can loc or not... it's a matter of what method will work best.

Braidlocz would be a pretty good method to chose. There are others like backcombing.

W/braidlocz, there usually isn't a lot of unraveling, and there is absolutely no product needed. The braiding itself helps the hair stay together. Also braiding on wet or dry hair is a matter of personal choice.

Also, braidlocz can be done in any size she likes. There are a few folks here with med sized braidlocz. Just have to do a little searching.

Regarding how long they will take to stop looking like braids... again, as with lots of situations with our hair, it differs from head to head depending on texture.

Perhaps someone with med-sized braidlocz will chime in w/pics.

07-16-2007, 10:00 AM
She can backcomb them if she is willing to endure it but rest assure when done they will not unravel. This is method is very popular with european haired and/or people with a fine texture. Just a though! :D

07-16-2007, 12:24 PM
I'll chime in here. I pretty much agree with Daughter of Diaspora. I'm starting with braids of medium width. They are not by any means micro sized. I didn't/don't want small locks. I've had no unraveling, with the exception of when did maintenance on my hair. The front, new growth only, came a loose a little. You can show her my fotki.

I'm assuming if she starts with braids, she would probably benefit from latching the new growth. Please tell her that all hair locks & to not get discouraged listening to uninformed *supposedly* natural hair professionals.