View Full Version : Avalon Baby Organics Vs. Dr. Bonnwe's Pre Castle Soap

08-25-2007, 07:52 AM
Here goes. Went to vitamin world yesterday and found dr. bonner's pure castle soap in lavender ( in the big bottle). I LOOOVED the smell :wub: . And after seeing it metioned her and the rave reviews about it ...had to get it. Well there's one thing. I also have avalon baby organic shampoo. I got it from wal-mart and thought it would do pretty good, and it did. Although I have not tried dr. bonner's yet, I have a good feelin' that it would do GREAT. So what should I do. Use one, one month and one the next month :dunno: . Or would it be bad for me to swap shampoo's like that. I do know that I can use the dr. bonner's stuff for other things too. I am obviously confused, help a sista out :doh