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10-10-2007, 11:11 AM
i'm a member (although i've never posted ;)) of the Mitsawokett yahoo group [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mitsawokett/]. my father, grandfather and other relatives lived in Bridgeton, NJ and they share the same surnames associated with this area.

anywho, i received a email notification of a file upload that i found interesting and thought it would be a good idea to share here. unfortunately i don't think we can ul files to the NP server so that left me trying to find a free server on the www that would allow me to ul the file and others to dl it from them.

it's a pre-release copy of a booklet created by one of the members of the group. i promise you nothing as far as verifying your family roots but it could help you along in some sort of direction.

i do not know how reliable this server will be. i did use another browser to assess the file and it did allow me to dl it.

here's the link:

We Are Still Here - Nanticoke and Lenape History_ Booklet_PreRelease_Version (http://www.filefactory.com/file/c40e79/)

here's a cut and paste of the surname list within the booklet.

In spite of a long history of racial misidentification of Indians remaining
along the eastern seaboard,25 with the changing of racial designations from
Indian” to “Mulatto” or “Free Person of Color” after Christian Baptism and the
adoption of European names and concepts of land ownership, there are still those
who are identified as “Indian”in public documents. Some of those identified as
Indians in the historical record prior to 1790, with documented descendants in the
interrelated communities, include members of the Ashatama and Dunn
families of New Jersey and the Coursey, Norwood, Puckham, and Siscoe
families of Delaware. By 1895, public records have added the Cuff, Gould,
Murray and Pierce families in New Jersey32 and the Cambridge, Clark, Coker,
Cork, Dean, Drain, Dunning, Durham, Harmon, Hansor/Hanzer, Hughes, Jack,
Jones, Johnson, Kimmey, LeCount, Morris, Mosely, Ridgeway,Sanders/Saunders, Sockum, Street, Thompson, and Wright families of Delaware to the list of identified Indian families living in one or more of the interrelated communities.

In the 1948 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institute, each of the
three communities are included in the section on the Surviving Indian Groups of
the Eastern United States, which also adds to the previously documented families,
the Bumberry, Burke, Burton, Carney, Carver, Cormeans, Davis, Hansely, Hill,
Jackson, Layton, Morgan, Munsee, Reed, Rogers, Sammons, Seeney, Thomas,
and Walker family names to the list of identified Indian families living in one or
more of the interrelated communities34. Other related Indian families were
present within the three communities and appear in later records.


let me know if there are any problems getting the file.

hope it helps someone.